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5 Ways To Multiply Your City Group

Multiplying your City Group doesn't have to be like getting your tonsils pulled out. It can actually be done in a life-giving way. Here are 5 practical steps for successful multiplication.

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Who Is Jesus Devo: The Lord Has Done This For Me

Elizabeth, in her old age, deeply experienced the liberating power of the gospel. Not only was the Lord fulfilling His word and ushering in the next step in His cosmic redemptive plan, but He was touching the most deeply...

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How God Restored a Broken Farmer

A few weeks ago Adam asked me to give the two key-note sessions at our City Group leader's quarterly gathering. As I sat thinking about what to say, a thought hit me...what if I asked my friend Tim to come and share his story? I called him up and said, "Hey, how about you and me partner together to...

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How to Share Instagram Stories

Looking for a fun way to get to know others better? Want to connect with your City Group at a deeper level and see where God has been at work in each others lives? One of the best ways we’ve found to build...

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Who Is Jesus Devo: Jesus, The Son of The Most High

God chose a lowly teenage girl, in a lowly rural town, to bring His son into the world in the lowliest place and position. “The Son of the Most High”…sent to save those who are most low. In dramatic fulfillment of Scripture...

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Who Is Jesus Devo: Engaged Minds & Burning Hearts

Christianity is not a mindless leap into sentimentality. We are invited to engage our minds. To think, ask, listen, look, explore, investigate. Even in the Great Commandment we are called to “love the Lord your God with all your…MIND…” This is because Christianity is founded on facts.

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Tools for Reflection And Planning

Here are 3 tools for you to check out. The best one is the one you actually USE / DO! Below are links to 3 of the most helpful tools I know of to help you start your year out right.

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Storyline Guide

Reflecting on your story is the primary way God uses to give clarity to your future. We've found that the most helpful way to know what God is doing in your life is to give thought to how He has already been at work...

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