Lord of the Fish S2 E5 Notes

Lord of the Fish S2 E5 Notes

Season 2 - Going Public
Episode 5 - “Lord of the Fish”
Pastor Josh McPherson, June 2, 2019
Text: Luke 5:1-11


Why We Exist - “We exist to help more people meet, love, and follow Jesus.”

What does it look like to follow Jesus?

- Peter is the prototypical disciple

A Follower of Jesus is in an active, ongoing way...

1) Listening to Jesus (v.1-3)

Following Jesus is much more than listening to Jesus but it isn’t any less than listening to Jesus. It’s where the journey of discipleship begins (Romans 10:17). There comes a point when listening to Jesus calls for a decision to follow Jesus. This was that day for Peter.

How to Listen to/Discern God’s Call
- It will be clear - (“put out the nets”). “God’s word is a lamp unto my feet and a light

unto my path.” - Doesn’t light up the whole story/journey, just the next step.

  • It will be progressive - Peter’s journey started with small steps of obedience,
  • which prepared him for greater acts of faith down the road.
  • It will be doable - Not easy, but doable.

2) Trusting Jesus’ Words (v.4-5)

  • Do you obey Jesus or just occasionally take his advice? (Are you using him or following him?)
  • If you want to know God’s plan tomorrow, follow His plan today.
  • If you haven’t let down your nets, don’t leave your boat. (Do the little things, the small
  • things He asks first.)
  • Faith isn’t blind, it’s the most logical thing you could do in light of who Jesus is.

3) Repenting of Sin (v.6-10)

Peter’s response... “I’m sinful! I can’t be with you...we should be separated...!”Jesus’ response... “Come with me.”
Peter's acknowledgment of his inability, inadequacy, and sin was the prerequisite to being used by Jesus.

This response comes when we see Jesus for who he is: holy, other, Lord of the fish. This wasn’t “Super-Hero” Jesus (straining like a Marvel character), this was just Jesus being Jesus (God). He told the fish to get in the net and they did in response to their Creator!

4) Leaving the Lesser

  • It’s not a one-time leaving, but an every-day leaving.
  • What did Peter sacrifice? What did he lose? Don’t think “loss” here, thing GAIN.
  • To leave our “everything” to gain Jesus’ everything is a good trade, every time.
  • The real burden is in ignoring Jesus and staying with the boats and nets.
  • Do you have to leave your job? Probably not, but you prioritize God’s call on your life.
  • You aren’t really living until you’ve found something (or someone) worth dying for.
  • In Jesus, Peter...and everyone who followed Jesus...found someone worth living and THE POINT: The call to follow Jesus takes on a priority that says we are prepared to be whatever God calls us to be, and do whatever God calls us to do.
  • dying for...that’s truly living.

5) Fishing for Men

Prophetic story...pointing to Peter’s experience on Pentecost in Acts 2. He preaches and 3,000 get saved.

How is the Mission of the Church like Fishing?

  1. Takes careful planning
  2. Takes hard work
  3. Takes team work
  4. Takes casting a wide net
  5. Takese quipment andgear
  6. You never know what you’re going to get
  7. What ever you catch requires cleaning
  8. It’s less about your fishing strategy and more about your fishing partner

Communion Application... Luke 5 & John 21

  • Luke 5 & John 21 - identical stories... in Luke 5 Peter wants to run away... in John 21 Peter runs to Jesus (even after denying Jesus three times). The point?
  • The gospel is not, “When I do good I come around, when I do bad I drift away.”
  • The gospel is, “When I mess up, Jesus is the first place I want to run.” Questions to ask yourself, your family, your City Group: How could you listen better?
    Where do you need to trust Jesus right now? What do you need to repent of?
    What do you need to leave...right now?
    Are you fishing?

  • Are you Listening? Trusting? Repenting? Leaving? Fishing?
  • The test of a true follower of Jesus Christ: Which way do you run when you’ve blown it? Are you a Luke 5 or a John 21 Christian?


Getting to Know Me

  1. Describe your experience with fishing? Is it a hobby you enjoy or something you detest doing? Any great fishing stories of “the one that got away?”
  2. Who is someone in your life that you would say is worth following? What about them makes you want to follow them?

Into the Bible

Read John 21.

  1. What are the stark contrasts you see between how Peter responded to Jesus in this passage and the Luke 5 passage?
  2. Why do you think Peter responded so differently in John 21? What factors do you think caused Peter to run to Jesus, even after denying Him?
  3. Pastor Josh posed the idea in his sermon that “You can tell a follower of Jesus by which way they run when they’ve blown it.” From reading about both examples, would you describe yourself as a Luke 5 or a John 21 Christian? Why?
  4. Why is it important for Christians to follow Peter’s example of running to Jesus when we’ve blown it?


  1. What was your main take away from Pastor Josh’s sermon? How were you impacted/encouraged? Did you have an “ah-ha” moment or realize something new for the first time?
  2. How could you listen to Jesus better/more?
  3. Where do you need to trust Jesus right now?
  4. What do you need to leave right now? “Are you freely following Jesus or are you dragging your boat?” What things in your life are you hanging onto that are hindering you from more fully surrendering to and following Jesus?
  5. Pastor Josh asked a sobering question that drills down on where we stand in our walk with Jesus: “Do you obey Jesus or just occasionally take His advice?” The difference is enormous and reveals where are hearts are at it terms of our submission to Jesus. Where in your walk do you need to further submit to Jesus in obedience rather than simply taking his advice when it suits you best?
  6. What is one action step to take, and one prayer to pray, in response to this sermon?

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