Mel McGowan on Power of Redemption and Spacial Storytelling

Jan 28, 2018

From the Series: Dream

Who would have thought that space can be spiritual? In this fascinating conversation, Pastor Josh interviews our good friend Mel McGowan, Principle Architect behind Grace City’s future facility. In it you’ll learn about his crazy upbringing, his broken family, how he met Jesus while chasing cheerleaders, his journey to working for Disney, and his passion for spatial storytelling that has led him to work with over a thousand churches, non-profits, and businesses around the world. From narrowly escaping Saigon during the Vietnam war to leading his father to Christ before his dad died in prison; from being raised by a single mom to overseeing the Master Planning of some of Disney’s biggest projects; from designing a safe-house refugee village in an undisclosed location for girls being rescued from the sex-trade to helping us dream and design our future facility here in Wenatchee, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. A conversation about the “why” behind our new facility...telling the story of God in spaces to echo His creativity, beauty, innovation, and heart for the lost. How we’re building a space that ultimately tells the story of a Savior who leaves the temple to seek the lost at Jacob’s Well. So that ultimately what we build together will help more people meet, love, and follow Jesus in our community and beyond.

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