The Well


THE WELL is a place for the women of Grace City to GATHER in life-giving relationships, GROW in their knowledge of the word and FLOURISH in their journey with Jesus. 

It is a place where women of all ages can come together to encourage one another, challenge one another and champion one another as they are nourished by the true Living Water, Jesus. 

It is a place where we are confident the Healer will meet us with compassion, insight and truth; just like He met the woman at the well in Samaria (John 4:1-26).

It is a place where we celebrate a creative God by expressing creativity through the gifts of food and color and art, being reminded that we are His creation and all we see is His.

Come join us at THE WELL as we gather regularly to worship, learn, serve and celebrate together. All women of all ages are welcome at THE WELL. And of course, feel free to bring a friend! 

What is Flourish? 

FLOURISH is a year-long, curriculum-based mentoring journey that connects the women of Grace City Church in life-giving mentoring relationship.  

How old do you have to be?  

Mentors should be 35 years and older and mentees should be 23 years and older. 

What are the requirements/expectations?

Mentors will meet monthly with their mentees one-on-one, as well as possibly meeting with the full group, which includes one mentor and fellow mentees. 
Mentees are expected to be diligently and faithfully digging into the word 5 days/week, in order to cultivate the soil of the heart for greater growth with their mentor. 
Mentors will also have quarterly mentor cohort meetings to encourage, pray, support and connect with other mentors. 

What required reading do you have to do? 

FLOURISH utilizes the Flourish curriculum written and made available by Passion City Church. The only required reading for this journey is this curriculum and your Bible! 

Do I have to call Grace City Church home to be involved? 

Yes, it is required that you call Grace City home for this specific journey.  

Do I have to be a mature follower of Christ to participate as a mentee in FLOURISH? 

No ma'am! You just need the desire to grow, because that’s what FLOURISH is for! It’s designed to connect younger women with older women in order to encourage, equip, support and help as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. But it takes commitment and stick-to-it-ness! So do you need to have things all figured out before you jump on board? Absolutely not! But you do need to be prepared to dig deep, work hard and then be in awe of all the Lord has in store for you in this journey. 

Do I get to pick my mentor/mentees? 

No, our team will pick the mentors and mentees to match. We do this through much prayer and intentionality. We read through every application carefully and interview each mentor personally. We will consider every detail to make the best match possible. 

When does this journey begin? And what is the time frame? 

Registration has closed for the year 2021.

What does it look like to be a Mentor?

-Must have completed all 4 steps of Growth Track at Grace City (sign up here if you haven't completed this step!) Find out more here

-Must be 35 years or older

-Commit to once/month meeting with your mentee

-Be ready to discuss the curriculum, dive into the Word, ask good questions, pray with and point your mentee to Jesus

-Watch Jesus do the work only He can your life and in theirs! 

What does it look like to be a Mentee?

-Must be 23 years or older

-Commit to once/month meeting with your mentor

-Commit to 5 days/week time in the Word as guided by the given curriculum

-Be ready to explore the scriptures to see what it says about topics like prayer, identity, calling, kinship and gratitude.

-Be humble and eager as you discuss and process these topics with your mentor

-Let Jesus do the work only He can do as you spend time in His word and learn from those who are ahead of you in the stages of life


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