Ever wished you could get a Master's Degree in life, theology, family, marriage, leadership, or culture? Here's your chance! 

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Life-Trac University provides a unique opportunity for anyone in the community to access university level education from local pastors and teachers who are experts in their fields.  Classes run on a quarterly schedule with a summer break.  Each quarter, different classes will be available to anyone who wants to learn about anything from how to build a Gospel-centered marriage to investment strategies to what cultural marxism is, etc.  Quarterly registration opens 1-2 months before the start date so you can get into your desired courses that are offered at no cost.  Come ready to learn and grow. 

Check Out Some of the Classes Offered At LTU

Gospel Strong Marriage

In this 7-week course, Pastor Greg McPherson will share from his 4 decades of marriage and family ministry to help you build a "gospel strong marriage" that can thrive and endure.

Cultural Marxism: How a Toxic Ideology is Changing The World You Live In

Pastor Adam James will present an overview and summary of the philosophy known as Marxism and examine its cultural influence in the current social justic movement, politics, education, and society at-large from a biblical worldview.

Unlock The Bible

The Bible tells on BIG story. And it's essential that you understand the whole if you hope to understand the parts. This 2-week course with Pastor Carey McPherson will give you life-changing perspective and confidence as you endeavor to undersand and engage the Bible for the rest of your life.

Intelligent Investing

Join Pastor Kyle Strong to find out why you should invest, how to manage your investment risk, and what you should invest in (e.g. stocks, bonds, real estate, cryptocurrencies, tax-advantaged retirement accounts).

Practical Parenting

This course with Pastor Kent and Patty McMcullen is an opportunity for parents of all ages with kids at all stages to expand their parenting toolbox as it relates to practical everyday parenting topics.

Pre-Pair For Marriage

Pre-Pair For Marriage is a one-day workshop for pre-engaged, engaged, and newlyweds. Couples that attend this workshop will walk away with a plan to face the problems, handle the conflicts, and vuild a marriage that will stand the test of time.

Winning At Home

Feeling stuck as a parent? Need some encouragement? Join Daniel and Khiree Appel in their home to help you address any and all parenting challenges that come with every child. This gathering is offered on a Sunday evening once a month.

Registration for Winter Quarter coming soon!

We Value Lifelong Learning

You never arrive. Nobody's arrived. We're all in-process. We're all on the journey. We're all growing. We all have things to learn and we want to be robust, intelligent, theologically sharp, critical thinking believers of all ages, learning for the rest of our lives. — Pastor Josh McPherson

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