Written Resources

In "We Do Not Consent," Pastor Josh tells the story of how he and a group of North Central Washington residents took legal action against the governor of WA state in May 2020. The second half of the book unpacks the theological convictions and biblical worldviews that undergirded that action. The hope is to help our church think critically about the roles of the Church and government and their commonly-misunderstood relationship.

In "9 Protests," we unpack our deep concern for both immediate and longterm consequences of forcing medical procedures on people who do not want them, at the threat of loss of job. We wrote it not only to help the people in our church who, overnight, faced excruciating decisions, but also to help our entire church think through these complex issues with a biblical framework. 

Written in October 2020, during the lead-up up to Grace City Church moving into its new facility, "9 Lenses" is an attempt to help our people think carefully, clearly, and biblically about being the Church in an age of COVID-19 government restrictions on worship. 

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