INNOVATION…We think we can do better. Constantly. So we’re always pushing ourselves to glean, learn, grow, improve, and think outside the sand box. We value fresh. We regularly ask “What if?”

IMPACT…If what we’re doing today doesn’t change the world tomorrow, we’re not interested. We’re not just into staying busy, we want to make a difference.

FAITH…If we’re not a little freaked out, we’re probably not dreaming big enough. So we resolved not to die with small dreams of how our lives could matter for Jesus sake. We set goals that reflect the size of the God we serve. We want to attempt things that only Jesus could get credit for pulling off.

WISDOM…We think globally and act locally. Which means we’re ok with small. We don’t overestimate what we can only do in 1 year, we don’t underestimate what we could do in 10 years, and we always keep in mind that God could do more in a nano-second than we could do in a lifetime.


HUSTLE…We don’t slouch, dilly-dally, drag our feet, or make excuses. It’s all hands on deck, all the time. Half-hearted effort is the cardinal sin of our team.

INITIATIVE…We anticipate needs and act before we’re asked. We don’t lose the initiative, we take it. We don’t wait to be told what to do, we live with a bias towards action. We don’t sit back, we lean in. We take ownership personally. 

EXCELLENCE…We take extraordinary pride in work done well. We don’t pursue arbitrary standards, but whatever we do we do with all our might. Sloppiness bothers us. 

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