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A More Holy Perspective

Do me a favor. Go through Psalm 145 and highlight every verb involving worship that you can find. I’m talking about those words like exalt and praise, or extol and commend, or tell and speak, or meditate and proclaim, or celebrate and sing.

There are a lot, right?


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At ALL Times

A first-glance reading of Psalm 34 could lead one to believe that everything is going right for the one who is singing this song. It sounds very happy and very upbeat. But when we pay closer attention to the details, we see that the power of this Psalm is not that the Psalmist is praising God because circumstances are happy but that the Psalmist is choosing to praise God in every circumstance—good, bad, or horrific...

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I'm Still Confident

David opens and closes Psalm 27 with a  statement of confidence:

Verse 3:  “…even then I will be confident.” 

Verse 13:  “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” 

Confidence can come from all kinds of sources, but where your confidence comes from determines when it runs out...

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Trust in the Name

I love this Psalm. 

I memorized it as a kid and sang it in high school when a local pastor put it to music (the vivid imagery in my young brain was helped along by multiple viewings of Charlton Heston’s Ben-Hur)...

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Blessed is the One

The entire Psalter is opened with these six verses. It is a Psalm of contrast. Verses 1-3 describe the “Blessed One,” while verses 4-6 describe the “wicked.” Here are some simple observations as I read this afresh today...

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The Ultimate Makeover

People love makeovers. Not just any makeovers. Extreme makeovers. The more extreme, in fact, the better.


Because extreme makeovers tell rich stories.

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God in the Dock

There is a collection of C.S. Lewis essays, published after his death, titled, God In The Dock. "The Dock" is a reference to the area in English courtrooms where the defendant is kept throughout the trial...

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Ask Him

"Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete" (John 16:24).

God did not leave us to navigate life in this world on our own...

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A Really Good Slap in the Face

Man, I needed that sentence. 

Like you, I was running through my morning when the thought hit me, "Oh yeah, the daily reading." 

So I grabbed my Bible, flipped to Psalm 37, and got slapped in the face.

"Fret not yourself because of evildoers."


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Gutsy Faith (a Psalm Quoted by Jesus on the Cross)

Psalm 31 was on the mind, heart, and lips of our Savior while He was on the Cross.

Makes me want to read it again… s l o w e r… picturing Jesus running these words through His mind as He was laying down His life for sinners like you and me…

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Lead on Good Shepherd

Psalm 23. The most well-known of all the Psalms (and there are a lot of Psalms). This beloved Psalm is known for bringing comfort, peace, and encouragement to its readers. You might even say there’s a sense of tranquility or rest that is found in this Psalm.

Green pastures. Still waters. Restored soul.

Peaceful, isn’t it?


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Do You Hear Him?

Psalm 19 is all about revelation. God reveals Himself to us. Without revelation from God, there is no relationship with God. In a culture that idolizes the preferences of the individual—promoting the "live your truth" doctrine and other stupid sayings—Psalm 19 is a bedrock of sanity for us to stand on...

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I'm Going Fishing

The crucifixion of Jesus was the death blow to any hope the disciples carried. Have you ever been disappointed by something you thought should’ve happened but didn't?

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The Noble and Righteous Path

Caving to the mob is rarely the noble and righteous path. 

It may be convenient, less painful, or even career-saving, but rarely is it noble and righteous...

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To Be Loved and To Be Hated

God's Word is sweet to taste and illuminates our path!  Join us at Grace City as we all stay close to His Word this summer through the Summer Reading Plan (for Men and Women) and these Daily Devotionals.  

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