Esther Week 2 Sermon Notes


King Xerxes Reign was Vast (v. 1-2)

King Xerxes Wealth was Extravagant (v.4-8)

King Xerxes Glory was Unmatched (v.4)

King Xerxes Bride was Beautiful (v.10-11)

King Xerxes Counselors were Many (v. 12-18)

King Xerxes Word was Law (v. 19-22)


Big Idea #1 - Don't take the power and glory of this world too seriously.


Big Idea #2 - No world power can thwart the purposes of God.


Big Idea #3 - We're no better than King Xerxes.


Big Idea #4 - Jesus is the better King.


Jesus, the Better King

  • • Xerxes reign was vast, Jesus’ reign is galactic.

  • • Xerxes ruled with a heavy hand, Jesus rules with a steady hand. 

  • • Xerxes wealth was fleeting and finite, Jesus’ wealth is forever and infinite.

  • • Xerxes used his wealth to indulge himself, Jesus uses his wealth to bless others.

  • • Xerxes glory was unmatched on earth for a moment in time, but Jesus’ glory is unmatched in all of the universe for all time.

  • • Xerxes exalted himself and then had to order people to bow to him as a god, but God himself exalted King Jesus so at the mere mention of King Jesus’ name, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.

  • • Xerxes bride was used, shamed, demeaned, and abused by his own hand, but King Jesus’ bride will be washed clean, forgiven, protected, cherished, and made beautiful for all time by his own hand.

  • • Xerxes used his bride for his own selfish gain, Jesus sacrificed himself for his bride’s benefit and blessing.

  • • Xerxes counselors were buffoons and fools, Jesus needs no counselors because he is the very source of wisdom and truth himself. 

  • • Xerxes turned his foolish opinions into law that resulted in the oppression of people, Jesus’ word is good and true and his law is perfect and it brings blessing to his people. 

  • • Xerxes rule was temporary and came to an end; Jesus reign will never end.

  • • Xerxes enemies eventually defeated him; Jesus’ enemies are all defeated.

  • • Xerxes love was fickle and selfish…Jesus’s love is lasting and selfless.

  • • Xerxes ego was big and easily bruised…Jesus knows who he is and is not intimidated or embarrassed.





1) What was your biggest takeaway?


2) What does King Xerxes reveal about human nature (including you and me)?


3) How can we become less impressed and enamored with the world's displays of power, glory, & wealth?


4) What are the effects and impact in our lives and relationships when we give too much weight to the world's power, glory & wealth?


5) What does Esther chapter 1 reveal about the nature and character of Jesus when contrasted with Xerxes? Read from the list in the notes and discuss which ones jump out to you the most right now and why?


6) What are the effects and impact in our lives and relationships when we reflect on the nature of Jesus' character, promises and Kingdom?


7) In light of the contrast between Xerxes and Jesus, between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God, what changes or growth do you need to pursue in your own life? How do you need and desire to live differently? What action do you need to take?


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