Esther Week 7 Sermon


Esther Chapter 5


Today's Big Idea:

Your Identity Determines Your Destiny 

- Identity is the deepest held belief about who you are that controls how you live.

- Identity is the invisible force driving your visible action.


Identity Has:

- Source

- Narrative


Whoever or whatever gives you your identity gives you meaning, purpose, belonging. 


Whoever gives you your identity controls your destiny



A Case Study of Two Identities


Case Study #1: Esther

 What happened to Esther explained her but didn't define her.


Case Study #2: Haman

 Haman's Identity Was His Idolatry

 Idolatry: A good thing in a wrong place

 What Defined Haman Controlled Haman


Big Idea:

When you worship false gods, your world is frail and fragile


Big Idea:

If your identity is in your idolatry, it will lead to your misery


Big Idea:

You find your false gods when you follow your rash emotions


What throne and palace do you timidly walk into hoping to find the scepter of approval?


“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in our time of need.” Heb. 4:16


The Good News: 

If you’re a follower of Jesus, your identity is received, not achieved. 


The Daily Application:

As Christians, our identity is both positional and practical 


Identity in Jesus leads to a life of increased wisdom, a life of idolatry leads to increased foolishness and misery. 


In Christ, you are:

Adopted, forgiven, loved, complete, secure, called, an heir, sons, daughters, welcomed, wanted, free


What does the narrative of your life say about your identity?


Freedom comes when I connect my position in Christ and my place in the world. 





1) What was your biggest takeaway from this sermon?


2) How have we seen Esther grow & change in the story so far?


3) In what ways can you relate to Esther? In what ways can you relate to Haman?


4) As you reflect on your life, where have you been most prone or tempted to find your identity (other than in Christ)? (ie where have you looked for meaning & purpose?)


5) How have you experienced frail and fragile emotions that likely have roots in a kind of idolatry?


6) How would you live "today" if you deeply believed and embraced what is true about you in Christ? (review the list above)


7) For Haman, he was finding his identity in his idolatry of glory, recognition, success, power... Where are you prone toward idolatry? (control, success, comfort, significance, power, approval, appearance, ....)


8) How can we cultivate a stronger more secure identity in Christ?


9) Thank the Lord for Heb. 4:16!

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