A Word From the Wild Man: Who Is Jesus S1 E9 Notes

A Word From the Wild Man: Who Is Jesus S1 E9 Notes

Season 1 - Meet The Family
Episode 9 - “A Word From the Wild Man: John the Baptist Cuts Loose
Pastor Josh McPherson, March 31st, 2019
Text: Luke 3:1-20


Illustration. - Josh’s Story: Fire alarm in hotel in DC… - Wake up! Get out of the building!
“May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please. There has been a fire reported in the building. Please proceed to the nearest exit immediately.”

- John’s message/ministry were like this!

LUKE 3:3 - "He went into all the country around the Jordan, preaching a BAPTISM of REPENTANCE, for the forgiveness of SINS.

1. SIN

We are Sinners By Nature & By Choice

Two Kinds of Sinners:
Those weighed down by their own sin and are ashamed because of it
Those who look down on the weight of others sin and are proud because of it

The most offensive sins are religious sins.

Religion: Man’s effort to please God & earn his favor apart from Jesus

Religiosity is...
...extra-biblical lists and rules
...authority unto itself 
...replacing Jesus' work with your own work 
...minimizing Jesus' work by trying to add yours to it

Religiosity leads to...
...thinking that effort & performance equal justification & sanctification 
...putting oneself in position of superiority over others 
...pride in the accomplishing of list-keeping
...despair in the never-ending failure of rule-keeping
...criticism of others who don't match up to your rules
...relational poison, slander, pride, judgementalism
...being easily offended, keeping records of wrong...real or perceived 
...divison, comparison, insecurity, defensiveness
...complete unawareness of the above because religiosity is spiritual blindness
…smug, self-righteous, demeaning attitude

17 Signs You Might Be Religious - “You might be religious if…"
You call your uncanny ability to catalog the faults of others “discernment".
You read your Bible to help you win arguments rather than help you love Jesus.
You use your Bible like a billy club for the flesh rather than a sword of the spirit. 
You use your Bible like a microscope on others rather than a mirror for yourself. 
You are deeply concerned with the quality, genuineness, and depth of (other people's) repentance. 
You love to argue about being biblical but fail to walk in the fruit of the Spirit (which, ironically, makes you unbiblical).
You feel the need to call other people's repentance into question. Publicly, often. 
You have a razor-sharp memory for other's faults, but get fuzzy when it comes to yours.
You feel the need to correct the leadership in every church you attend.
You feel the need to have your opinion heard. On everything. 
"Being Biblical" is more important than "being transformed" into the image of God's son.
You love your own interpretation of God's Word more than you actually love God. 
You are making the devil's job easier, not harder. 
Others feel intimated around you.
You fancy yourself a "theological watchdog" and love catching things people miss.
You have a calling to "protect the church", and it leads to you attacking and criticizing other people in the church.
You are concerned about the accountability of others but don't live under it yourself.

Religiosity makes you the judge, which is scary, because there already is a judge.


“You brood of Vipers. Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” - Luke 3:7-8

Repentance: To turn away from SIN by turning to GOD
Change of mind, heart, life

Repentance grows a crop of righteousness. 

True Repentance:

Conviction of sin (vs. Condemnation)

Confession of sin
Confession Brings Relief
Confession Brings Consolation 
Confession Turns the Light On

Request for forgiveness (Psalm 51)

Restitution (where possible)

8 Signs of False Repentance:
1. Talking
2. Bumming
3. Negotiating 
4. Minimizing
5. Defending 
6. Blaming
7. Excusing 
8. Groveling 

Repentance can’t always be seen at the time, but it can be tested over time.

“Bear fruit in keeping with repentance”
To the well off he said…Be Generous
To businessman he said…Be Honest
To those in positions of power, he said…Be Just
To the sexually immoral, he said…Be Pure


Baptism is about Jesus. When we baptize people, we’re acknowledging the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. The act of baptism doesn’t actually do anything, it symbolizes what has already been done. It is an outward act of obedience to Jesus that marks the inward reality that sin has been confessed and forgiven by Jesus.

When we go down into the water, we’re identifying with the death of Jesus, just as his body when down into the grave our body goes down into the watery grave…where if we were to stay, we would die. When we come up out of the water, we’re identifying with the resurrection of Jesus, that He too came up out of his grave after three days. The water symbolizes the cleansing and refreshing that comes through Jesus in salvation. That we are washed clean, our sins are taken away, and we are new in Christ.


Those Hiding
Those Pretending
Those Performing
Those Despairing
Those Getting Saved


Getting to Know Me
Can you think a time in your life when you were instructed in a way that felt harsh and difficult to hear at the time (like the crowd hearing John the Baptist), but resulted in positive growth and development?

Into the Bible
Read Psalm 51.

What verses stand out to you most in the context of defining appropriate, biblical repentance?

Look at the progression of David’s prayer in this Psalm. What do you notice about the culmination of his plea for forgiveness that ends in verse 13?


What was your main takeaway from Pastor Josh’s sermon? How were you impacted/encouraged? Did you have an “ah-ha” moment or realize something new for the first time?

In his sermon Pastor Josh said that, “The most offensive sins are religious sins.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain & discuss.

Where in your life have you believed that your good works can earn you favor with God? Are there any things you are holding yourself to that may not be biblical?

Which of the “17 Signs You Might Be Religious” stood out to you or connected with you most? How can you apply truths from this sermon to combat the desire to move towards religion rather than Jesus?

Pastor Josh described the difference between being convicted of sin and being condemned of sin. In the context of true repentance, describe the difference between being convicted of sin and being condemned of sin and why it is so important to your relationship with God to know the difference?

Which of the “8 Signs of False-Repentance” do you tend towards? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how to identify and eradicate false-repentance in your own life.

How have you experienced Jesus to be greater than self-made religiosity?

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