A Word of Thanks from Me

A Word of Thanks from Me

Grace City Fam,

What an incredible weekend celebrating the resounding truth that Jesus Is Greater. He is greater than our accomplishments, successes, fears, failures, and foes. What an mind-blowing truth to meditate upon...Jesus. Is. Greater.

As I've listened to story after story of life-change and Jesus-impact moments, it's reminded me again of the power of relationships, of community, and of the unchanging gospel. So many incredible stories of gospel seeds that were planted many months and years ago, blossoming into a gospel harvest on Sunday.

And that's not even taking into consideration how many gospel seeds were planted!

As I've reflected on the day, here are four things that really stood out to me that made my heart sing to God in praise.

Grace City Serving

Everywhere I looked, there you were...smiling, helping, praying, working, blessing, trouble-shooting, sweating, lifting, laughing, moving, hustling...SERVING. You showed up, Grace City. By the hundreds, you flat out showed up.

Nothing charges me up like people in the posture of joyful service. And nobody does it like the people of Grace City. Your hearts are true, your attitudes are amazing, your hands are busy. I love watching our church family work together and work with other people. It really is an expression of Jesus himself.

I heard multiple testimonies of unbelievers who were impacted by the collective experience of seeing so many people working so hard and having so many people offer to help them. "It's like they were all glad I was there! And it was so well organized! And everywhere you looked there was someone smiling and offering to help you!"

So, well done, fam. You treated TTC like your home, and you hosted our guests well. "I would rather be a door-holder in the house of my God then to dwell in the tents of the wicked." Ps. 84:10.  

Men Spiritually Leading

I was also struck by the amount of husbands and dads baptizing their wives, baptizing their kids, baptizing their friends, praying over their friends. I saw many men who only a few Easters ago had themselves given their life to Jesus. And now they were baptizing their families.

I saw men praying with men. I saw men raising their hands and singing. I saw men serving. I saw men taking initiative. I saw men on security with eyes open for danger and hands raised in worship. I saw men coming to pray, men helping little children, men singing their heart out.

In other words, I saw men leading spiritually. Not sitting back. Not checking out. Leaning in. Loving well. THIS is what breaks generational curses. This is what changes a culture. When the men step up and take initiative to be the tender warriors God called them to be.

I'm proud of the Grace City men.

Family Legacy's Changing

Along with the men stepping up, I saw profound pictures of family legacies literally transforming before my eyes.

I saw a woman standing with her husband get to baptize her dad...surrounded by her City Group folks who had led her and her husband to Jesus years ago. Spiritual grandchildren!!

I saw a man who, as a child, had grown up in a horrific family situation. Pain, brokenness, sin. He literally raised himself from 12 years old on. And there he was, a grown man now, following Jesus, godly wife, surrounded by his two older children, baptizing his last and youngest child into the Kingdom. From broken family above him to a godly family below him, he represented the new link in a new chain of godly legacy. 

I saw children who were abandoned at birth and adopted into a Christian home be baptized and adopted into the family of God.

I saw a mom and dad baptized a wayward adult child who that morning Jesus called back into the fold.

Everywhere I looked, I saw Legacies changing. From broken to whole. From lost to found. From death to life. Jesus stepping into people's personal history and changing people's broken story. COME ON LORD!!!

Generations Together Growing  

Maybe my favorite observation of the day was to see how many families leaned in together, served together, worshipped together.

On Saturday night, many families brought their kids to walk around the TCC and pray. I saw moms and dads, leaning down, explaining what was happening to wide-eyed kids. I saw dads praying with their kids. I saw grandparents praying alongside their grandkids.

And then on Sunday, I saw tons of families serving together. Parents with kids (young and old!). Grandparents with kids. Generations serving together. Kids getting a flavor of the kingdom. Raising up the next generation of Jesus lovers. COME ON!! Does this get anyone FIRED UP?!

That is discipleship, that is mentorship, that is generational ministry. Giving our children a taste of the Kingdom of God early, and bringing them along to participating in it. That just doesn't get any richer.

Only the Beginning

It was an incredible weekend, Grace City. One that, I believe, will have ripple effects across this valley and into eternity. And it was a picture of things to come. Jesus is going to do greater things than we could wildly imagine in the days to come. I believe it, I'm praying for it, and I'm looking forward to watching it unfold before us. 

I love you and am grateful for you, Grace City. You are a good bunch of folks.

Jesus is Greater,

Pastor Josh

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