Christmas Redeemed

Christmas Redeemed

Things have gone terribly wrong. 

It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, was it?? Where is God?? Does He see? Does He care? Why doesn’t He act? Is there a way out? Will things ever change?

We live in a fallen & broken world. These questions and more are not new to humanity. 

They filled the hearts and minds of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They filled the minds of the Israelites in Egypt. Of the Prophets. Of Joseph & Mary... and if we’re honest, you and me. 

Only God’s Story can make sense of our broken lives and all of history. The Story of the Bible is from creation to new creation by way of redemption through Jesus Christ. We don’t add God to our lives...He “tears open the heavens and comes down” to invite us into His story of redemption.  

He comes down to bring us up.

Redemption through Jesus was foreshadowed long before Bethlehem. In the ancient days of Egypt recorded in the Book of Exodus, Israel, God’s chosen people, found themselves in harsh slavery. Broken, desperate, & despised for hundreds of years, Israel groaned under the pain of a promising life that went terribly wrong. 

As you read the Story of the Exodus, you discover a picture of the story of humanity and our desperate need for redemption. We discover the sovereign and compassionate God of all creation. We see a picture of the pattern of redemption God offers us in Jesus.  

This is the back story and the true story of Christmas: God came down to set us free.

He sent a redeemer to bring His people out of slavery. 

And He did it in a way no one expected. 

Those in power over God’s people opposed and resisted their steps toward freedom - but God would not be stopped. He decisively routed His enemies - graciously freeing His people from the idols they worshipped and the wounds they carried. 

Here’s the good news of the Exodus and the good news of Christmas: God is committed to rescuing His children. 

He has brought redemption through the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus Christ, foreshadowed in the Exodus.

Friends, just like the Israelites, God has heard your cries, God has intervened, God has sent His Redeemer, the Enemy is defeated and the promise is secured… “We’re getting free!”

May you know the hope of promised redemption, and the joy of real spiritual freedom this Christmas.

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