Summer Daily Devotional - Psalm 40

Cry Out!

Cry Out!

You don’t have to be alive for too long to know that life is full of problems. Computer problems, car problems, money problems, job problems, back problems, people problems.

And though some problems may be more severe than others, problems are still problems. They’re always discouraging and, sometimes, they even feel defeating.

The Bible doesn’t back away or hide from the presence of problems. God’s Word doesn’t sugarcoat life. It tells it like it is.

Take Psalm 40. This Psalm speaks to the raw truth that…

Life has its problems.

You may experience problems because of poor decisions you’ve made (v. 12). You may experience problems at the hands of others (v. 14). You may experience problems simply because of your circumstances (v. 17).

The point being that whether you’re old or young, wise or naïve, rich or poor, life has its problems, which means EVERYONE has problems.

That’s kind of comforting, isn’t it? To know that you’re not alone in your problems. To know that every human being God has ever created has had problems. Many of them just like your own.

But this is only kind of comforting. You still want a remedy to your problems. Without some kind of help, without some kind of solution, problems can become crushing and defeating.

And this struggle leads to one of the glorious patterns we see in this Psalm (and the rest of Scripture).

Though your life is full of problems, you have a Problem-Solver (v.16).

And not just any problem-solver. You have King Jesus. And He knows all about problems.

He confronted the biggest problems ever—namely sin, death, and hell—and conquered them all.

So, yeah. Jesus is a fantastic problem-solver. He’s the best problem-solver.

When you face your problems, and they’ll surely come, do what King David did in this Psalm and cry out for help. Cry out to Jesus.

When you cry out to the Lord you simultaneously do two things:

  • You recognize your need for a problem-solver – that you can’t solve the problem on your own; and
  • You proclaim that Jesus is your Problem-Solver (v. 3).

And do one more thing like King David when you cry out. This is not easy.

Pray for patience (v. 1). The Lord’s solution to your problems may not come as quickly as you’d like or in a manner that you'd expect, but He can be trusted, for…
Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare (v. 5).

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