Don't Miss The Point S2 E8 Notes

Don't Miss The Point S2 E8 Notes

Season 2 - Going Public
Episode 8 - "Don't Miss The Point”
Pastor Josh McPherson, June 23, 2019
Text: Luke 6:1-11

We exist to help more people meet, love, and follow Jesus.

  • There are a lot of wrong ways to “follow Jesus”
  • The propensity of the human heart is to stray, to error
  •  In today’s story, we see the Pharisee's stumble over the Sabbath (& legalism)...they were zealous for God but missed Jesus

Legalism, License, and Love

Legalism = cold, harsh, rigid, dead, lifeless rule-keeping, external-behavior managing.

License = “God is love”, it doesn’t matter how I live, I can do whatever I want with my body, there are no standards.

Love = Love for Jesus, love for others, free to follow/obey Jesus.

Legalism says if I follow the rules I’ll be ok.

License says if I follow my heart, I’ll be ok.

Love says if I follow Jesus and his way, I’ll be ok.

Legalism says my righteousness is what gets me to heaven.

License says righteousness isn’t needed to get to heaven.

Love says in Christ the righteousness of God is mine by grace through faith.

Legalism says how I live makes all the difference to the judge.

License says it doesn’t matter how I live, there is no judge.

Love says how Jesus lived made all the difference, the judge has satisfied his own requirements.

7 Steps to Guarantee You Miss the Point

1) Make up your own rules

  • Two problems: God doesn’t need them (Prov. 30:5-6), & they don’t do any good (Col. 2:20-23)
  • They had 39 extra rules they added to “keep the Sabbath”
  • Examples: Alcohol. Homeschooling. Nursing. Dating. Music. Giving. Halloween. etc

2) Take The Wrong Things Seriously

3) Turn helpful spiritual tools into rigid religious rules

  • There is nothing wrong with having personal extra biblical rules (fences) for your personal self, there’s everything wrong with putting those rules on others. (Rom. 14:1-7, 22)

4) Appoint Yourself As Others' Judge And Jury

5) Plot people's demise rather than their redemption (v. 11)

6) Be sure to be easily offended (for God, of course) and refuse to let go of a grudge (in Jesus' name, of course)

7) Be Harsh Whenever Possible, And Merciful Almost Never 

“The danger of preaching a sermon on Pharisees is that we’ll all cheer.”

Questions to make it personal:

  1. Where have I made up my own rules?
  2. How am I taking the wrong things too seriously?
  3. Where have I turned helpful spiritual tools into rigid religious rules?
  4. Have I appointed myself as judge and jury?
  5. Have I hoped for someone’s demise rather than their redemption?
  6. Am I easily offended (for God, of course), and refuse to let go of a grudge (in Jesus name, of course)?
  7. Am I harsh whenever possible, and merciful almost never? 

The Sabbath

  • Created by God; Made for us / given to us; God’s intention was for us to enjoy it; It’s good to work 6 days and rest 1 day
  • Like a cool refreshing drink of Arnold Palmer…given for our enjoyment…until you surround it by so many rules you can’t enjoy it any more. Arnold Palmer shouldn’t come with rules. It’s amazing all by itself. It’s a wonderful, happy thing. “But if you want to ruin it, just say you can only drink it on Tuesdays, between 2:34 and 2:37pm, with no ice, in a plastic cup, only by yourself, never a full can. Can only drink it with your left hand, not your right hand. Enjoy your Arnold Palmer. You know what, at that point it’s like…I think I’d rather have my thumb smashed. This is stupid. Get off my Arnold Palmer.”

The Religious Person vs. The Jesus Person (see handout) 

Big Idea #1

We are called to mercy, grace, and love. Let these be the hallmarks of our life and ministry.

Big Idea #2

We are called to find our rest in Jesus; he is our sabbath rest.


 Getting to Know Me 

  1. Is your summer off to a good start?  How do you measure that?
  2. Thinking of your background, did it lean more toward legalism or toward license? 

Into the Bible

 Read Mark 3:1-6. (This is a parallel passage to Luke 6:1-11).

  1. What does it tell us about Jesus’ response to or attitude toward the Pharisees?
  2. Why would he be angered and grieved?
  3. What does this account tell us about the Pharisees? (Notice that the Pharisees didn’t bother to try to answer Jesus’ question.)
  4. Based on this passage in Mark, and Luke 6:1-11, what was the Pharisees’ attitude toward Jesus?  What was their attitude toward everyone else present?
  5. How often do we fall into seeing others that way: looking down on them, treating them as less important than we are?
  6. Based on Micah 6:8, what is supposed to be our attitude toward others?   
  7. Are we able to do what those verses tell us to do?  If not, where do we turn?



  1. What was your main takeaway from Pastor Josh’s sermon? How were you impacted/encouraged? Did you have an “ah-ha” moment or realize something new for the first time?
  2. How would you define legalism?  …license? 
  3. How does each of those differ from love – love of God and love of others?
  4. Look through Pastor Josh’s list of seven steps to missing the point.  How often do we fall into each of those things?  What does that look like?  Give examples.  What does that say about us?
  5. Josh mentioned the danger of a sermon about Pharisees.  What is the danger?
  6. How can we avoid the attitudes shown by the Pharisees toward ourselves, others, and God?
  7. What is one action step to take, and one prayer to pray, in response to this sermon?
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