How God Restored a Broken Farmer

How God Restored a Broken Farmer

A few weeks ago Adam asked me to give the two key-note sessions at our City Group leader's quarterly gathering.

As I sat thinking about what to say, a thought hit me...what if I asked my friend Tim to come and share his story?

I called him up and said, "Hey, how about you and me partner together to build the Kingdom tomorrow." "I love it," he said, "what are we doing?"

You're going to teach a session to our City Group leaders, I said. "You must be crazy or have the wrong number. I can't do that!" Of course you can, I said. It'll be a piece of cake. No study. No prep. Just show up and I'll ask you questions you already have answers for. It's just telling your story, and nobody knows your story better than you.

"Ok," he said, a little more relieved. "I can do that. I'm in."

The next day I interview him for an hour. Off the cuff. In front of 200 people. With no preperation.

It was riveting.

Tim unpacks his story of loss, betrayal, anger, bitterness, broken promises, fractured family relationships, and ultimate healing through the grace of God in ways I've heard few people articulate. If you want to be encouraged, if you have questions about Jesus, if you have wayward kids or if you're out of relationship with your parents; if you have a friend who's lost, or if you just need to be encouraged, I could not more strongly suggest giving this a listen. I'm sure you'll find yourself greatly moved, as was I.

Thank Tim.

Pastor Josh


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