Jesus On Leadership S2 E9 Notes

Jesus On Leadership S2 E9 Notes

Season 2 - Going Public
Episode 9 - "Jesus On Leadership”
Pastor Josh McPherson, June 30, 2019
Text: Luke 6:12-16


5 Principles for Church Leadership

Pray Humbly

2. Proceed Boldly
Jesus prayed all night, and then he marched forward the next day.

Two errors:
Always praying but never acting (there are some things we don’t need to pray about… if we should preach the Gospel, if more people should meet Jesus, if our church should grow etc.)

Making impulsive decisions without ever asking God

This foolish action in the name of productivity is often an excuse for
-arrogance…thinking they have all the answers
-independence…thinking they have all the resources
-mis-placed confidence…thinking they have all the power

3. Train the Called

Question: are leaders born or made? Yes. You can make a leader into a theologian, but you can’t turn a theologian into a leader. Don’t call the trained, train the called.

Example: If a 21 year old is only throwing a 70mph fastball, he’s never going to throw 90mph. But if you can throw speed, control can be taught.

4. Win the Men

This doesn’t mean that women don’t have gifts
At Grace City, we care very much that women are protected, honored, cherished, that they are able to flourish, grow, lead, contribute, and walk in the fullness and beauty of everything God created them to be…THEREFORE, we care very much about going after the men.

How many women are:
Serial killers? Sociopath dictators? Mass-shooters? In the sex-trade industry?
Driving the porn industry? Beating and battering their husbands and children in domestic violence?

Very few. By and large, if you win the men, you win the family.

5. Die With Your Boots On
Example of Peter: Peter was crucified upside down because he didn’t see fit to die in the same way his Lord did. We want our life to be spent in service of the Kingdom: Arrows in the front, rounds emptied.


1. Teams Matter…get on one and play your part
-Not every part is the same
-Every part is important

2. Every Team Needs a Leader
- If your business is going to thrive, if you family is going to thrive, there must be a leader

3. Big Teams Need Small Teams
The most common mistakes…
-The executive decision-making team is too big
-The wrong groups of people have too much authority…the wrong people are given the mic
-The right few people don’t have enough authority…the true leaders aren’t allowed to lead
-Key decisions are made by committees

4. Past Results Often Reveal Future Performance
Resume’s don’t mean anything. Results are everything.

5. Under Authority Before In Authority
- If someone hasn’t functioned well under authority, they should never be put in authority
- People who demand authority are the last ones who should have it
- It’s the immature person who is always clambering for authority
- the only test as to whether or not someone will be good in a position of authority is if they are good under authority

6. Pursue your calling, not your potential
Jesus never fulfilled his potential (think of how many more people he could have healed, leaders he could have trained, sermons he could have preached, miracles he could have done?) He fulfilled his calling.

-What’s the point…are you pursuing your potential, or your calling?

-The former will drain you, the other will fill you up
-The former will exhaust you and leave you empty; the latter will energize you
-the former will constantly frustrate you; the latter will regularly bless you

7. Pain Comes Before Promotion
God rarely uses the one who He has not tested with pain

The worst thing the can happen to any of us is to have a path that’s made too smooth. One of the greatest blessings the Lord ever gave us was a cross.” Charles Spurgeon

Getting to know me:

What most struck you or stuck with you from the sermon?
Have you figured out whether you are better at leading or at following?

Into the Bible:

Why include v12 in Luke 6? Why is it helpful to us to know that Jesus prayed all night before selecting the 12 apostles?
If Jesus, who was perfect, chose to pray all night before taking an important step in his ministry, what does that say about our need to pray?
Why would Jesus go “to the mountain” [v12] or “to the wilderness” [Luke 5:16] to pray? [hint: fewer distractions]
How would you describe Jesus’ actions in v13? How might that be connected with praying all through the night before?
Look through the list and point out what you know about the apostles. [Note that Matthew is also called Levi.] Is it important that some are essentially unknown?


Looking at the Five Leadership Principles, which means the most to you?
What does it mean to pray humbly, fervently, dependently, and expectantly?
How do you do at proceeding boldly when the time comes? How does this fit James 1:5-8?
Can you think of a time when you saw an example of calling/sending the trained? How did it work out?

Bonus round!

Which of the 7 leadership lessons meant the most to you? Why?

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