Meet the Newest Member of Our Team Part 2

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team Part 2

Grace City,

Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, once said, "Build the team you want to coach." 

By God's grace, that's what He's allowed us to do at Grace City Church. 

Every day I drive into the office, no matter what difficulties or challenges may come that day, I know I'll get to face them with a team made up of the best people I know. Character. Passion. Calling. Vision. Creativity. Competency. Hustle. Tenacity. Grit. 

One of the greatest joys of my life is getting to lead and serve with this team of extraordinary men and women.

Which brings me to a very exciting announcement, and that is...our team just got better.

Local teacher and baseball coaching legend Brian Blair has joined the Grace City team! 

Brian and his wife Kristi are dear friends Sharon and I have known for many years. They were in our gospel community for years before stepping out to lead their own. We've had the opportunity to observe their lives and character up close and to observe the call of God in their lives. They are a precious couple that Sharon and I love dearly, and we could not be more excited to have them on the team. 

Brian will step into the saddle as our new youth pastor, taking over for the incredible work that Kyle McMullen and Chaz McClain have been doing with Anchored. Brian will oversee the leadership development and mission-catalyzing work of mobilizing our high school students on mission through Anchored.

AND... well, (exciting announcement coming...drum-roll please)...he will also launch our newest initiative this fall...Anchored Jr. for our junior high students!!!!!

We are really, really excited about this new ministry initiative, as we have a huge crop of quality jr. high students. We want to be more intentional about engaging and challenging them, and helping parents equip them for a life-time of Jesus following. 

So if you see Brian or Kristi, please give them a huge hug and thank them for stepping out in faith to serve our church family and community. For them, this was not a career move, this was a calling move. They have made significant personal sacrifices to be on the team, leaving a successful and promising career path Brian was pursuing.  

They are the kind of people I want to spend my life running with, and I see it as a direct blessing from the hand of God that they're here on our team; continued evidence of God's grace and love to us as a church family.

So thank you, Grace City. For your God-sized vision to reach our community; for your generous giving that makes a hire like this possible; for your love for Jesus and our community; and for your contagious culture that makes Grace City a place gifted leaders want to be. I love what Jesus is doing in our church family.

Excited for what's to come,

Pastor Josh

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