Questions To Help You Move Forward

Questions To Help You Move Forward

These are questions taken from a sermon Pastor Josh gave at the beginning of a new year. You can watch the full sermon here.

4 Questions Looking Back

1. What Happened Last Year?

  • You can’t start forward until you stop to look back.
  • Use your calendar, iPhoto, pictures, journal, FB...just take some time to walk back through the year. You’ll be blown away at the things that happened that you forgot. 365 days is a long time...and a lot of grace.

2. How was God Good / Kind to Me?

  • Use pictures, notebooks, journals, calendars.
  • This cultivates gratitude and humility and empathy and grace in your heart towards others that if not done simply won’t be there.
  • Breaths...900 breaths an hour, 21,600 breaths a day, 7,884,000 breaths you’ve taken this past year, and everyone given by God. Your heart beats, roughly, 4,800 times an hour, or 115,200 times a day, or 42M times a year...every heartbeat given by God.

3. What Have I Learned?

  • There are profound things the Lord wants you to learn, if you’d only pay attention.

4. Who Should I Thank?

  • God has blessed you with many people who love you...who has invested in you?

5 Questions Looking Forward

1. What Am I Responsible For?

  • What has my name on it? Who am I responsible for? What responsibilities are unique to me? What things will I be held accountable to God for?
  • What this question does is clarify your arena of calling, and those things in your life that have your name on it. Those are the things you want to keep your eye on closely. (ie Christian, Husband, Father, ….Maybe even put adjectives beside it...protector, lover, provider, counselor, defender, friend, helpmate, listener…)

2. How am I doing?

  • This is where you take a hard look at each role you’ve identified...
  • Celebrate things you’ve grown in, acknowledge things you’ve failed in, repent of things you’ve sinned in (ignored).
  • Be honest...ask those closest to you...spouse, children, friends...honestly, no one does this, and it’s insane. Only our deep insecurities keep us from doing this. Look, you’re going to give an account for your life, and it won’t be to them, so might as well ask for some help.

3. What Three Things Do I Need to Stop Doing?

  • Not even bad things (sure, some might be bad...yes), but just things that aren’t at the center of your calling. Are good things distracting you from the best things?
  • Almost nothing is important.
  • What am I carrying that doesn’t have my name on it?

4. What Three Things Do I Need To Start Doing?

  • Sure, there’s probably 100 things you could put here, but be realistic...what are the three most important things you could do right now?
  • If you did these three things, it would be a game-changer…(ie prayer, Bible, weekly calendar date, date-night, weekly budget meetings, you name it…)

5. What Regret Am I Unwilling To Live With?

  • Reverse Engineer your life...think of the end, the last day, and work back from there.
  • Ex. “I am unwilling to let my wife’s life be wasted because she married me.”
  • Ex. “I am unwilling to have my children suffer from boredom or low self-esteem or lack of vision for their life and how to live it in a meaningful way because they were born into my home.” Pray for vision, strength, humility, courage, desire, and the live, to love, and to lead so that they might flourish under my watchful care.

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