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Church Family,

Excitement is brewing for Commitment Sunday tomorrow, THE DAY when we gather as a church and each bring an offering that, TOGETHER, will culminate in building Phase 1 of our new church home.

Below is everything you need to know for celebrating Commitment Sunday with our church family this Sunday.

1. Wake Up. Don't's daylight savings time! So the first step to making the most of Commitment Sunday is, well, getting there on time. So set your clocks back, go to bed a little early, and prove everyone wrong...people still go to church even if they lose an hour of sleep!

2. Bring Your Brick. Make sure you have your brick with your name or family's name on it. You can write it in Sharpie, you can paint it, I've even seen pictures of people who have used a dremel tool to carve it. So cool! The idea here is simply to have fun with it. Make it yours. As many bricks per family is fine...if kids in your family are giving and want their own brick, awesome! If you need more, there will be extras at the Building Home Info Center. 

3. Bring Your Gift. We'll have envelopes there for anyone who forgot. In it you can put your cash gift / check and the 3-year pledge filled out that makes up your total gift to Building Home.  

A young couple approached me sort of discouraged a few weeks ago and asked, "Pastor Josh, what should we do if we can't give as much as we wish we could?" I chuckled in, I think that's probably all of us! Who among us doesn't wish they could give more? But, I told them, that's not where we should focus. Our focus shouldn't be on what we can't give, but on what the Lord has graciously provided that we can give! Every gift will be different, but every gift matters, and every penny is grace. 

I told them it's not the size of the gift but the size of faith behind the gift. That's why we've been praying for 100% participation from those who call Grace City Church home, so that each of us can experience the grace that God pours out on those who give prayerfully, joyfully, and in faith. He just never disappoints those who place their 5 loaves and 2 fish into his hands. Never! 

So let every person, with every gift, representing every number, be celebrated. And as each does their part, Jesus will do his. I can hardly wait to see what the Lord is going to do tomorrow!

At the end of the service, we'll all get a chance to come up, stack the brick that symbolically represents our part, drop our financial gift off, and then come up on stage and participate in something kind of cool...that I'm not going to tell you until tomorrow!

I love you Grace City. It's an exciting thing to be a part of the family of God walking in faith and dreaming big dreams to see more people meet, love, and follow Jesus in our city. 

See you Sunday!

Pastor Josh

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