The 10 Minas | S3 E2

The 10 Minas | S3 E2

The Sower - Season 3
Pastor Josh McPherson, October 6, 2019
Text: Luke 19:11-27

Intro: Preparing for the Most Important Test - Eternity

  • (Reminder) Parable… “to set alongside”…for comparison & enlightenment
  • teaches something unfamiliar & new by putting it next to something familiar & old
  • small stories making a big point
  • earthly stories giving us a heavenly perspective
  • picture, mirror, window

What Jesus Wants Us To Know:

1. Jesus is a KING with a KINGDOM

  • “Triperspectivalism” - OT offices…Prophet, Priest, King… Jesus fulfills all 3… this is a very “kingly” parable, emphasizing Jesus’ kingship…
  • Jesus is not only A king, he’s THE King. His rule and reign are inevitable…the only question is which side of the fence will you be on when he comes for his reckoning? Jesus’ kingship is not dependent upon your approval. Whether or not Jesus gets your vote is irrelevant to his kingship over your life.
  • This is an issue of authority. Many people make up intellectual arguments for why they don’t believe in God, when at the end of the day it’s an issue of authority. They want to be in control of their life. They want to be king, ruling and reigning over their own kingdom.
  • Jesus is the most powerful King, the most benevolent King, the most wise King, is he your king?

2. Jesus expects his followers to INVEST WISELY

  • The asset given here equally to all is the gospel…he’s given us salvation and mission.
  • Each is given equal amount…this is different than the parable of the talents (where they were all given differing amounts), they are all given the same amount.
  • To follow Jesus is to be given an assignment (vs. 13)
  • Part and parcel of following Jesus is investing what he’s given us into and for the Kingdom of God.
  • Both servants and subjects are ACCOUNTABLE to the King
  • Jesus is coming back for a RECKONING & a REWARDS CEREMONY

The 2 Question Test…

Question #1 - What did you do with King Jesus?

  • Rev. 20:11-15 - “Books” v. “Book”…your works vs. Jesus’ work
  • Two Judgements…The great white throne judgement…it’s the everybody judgement…for all mankind…and it’s regarding salvation. Standing before God…
  • Hell is not where God sends people he’s mad at. Hell is a place where you go if you want to pay for your own sins.
  • God does not just “forgive” sin…sin incurs a debt that must be paid if there is to be justice in the world. All sins have to be paid for with the payment of death. The question is if you’re going to die to pay for them or is Jesus’ death going to pay for them? Just as there are “no free lunches”, God doesn’t “forgive sin”, God allows someone else to pay for your sin. That’s what Jesus was doing…he was coming to pay your bill.

Correct Answer - I gave my life to Jesus.

Question #2 - What did you do with what He gave you?

  • In heaven, we will NOT be disappointed for anything we sacrificed for the sake of Jesus.
  • 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 - “So we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.” (See Also: 1 Corinthians 3:10-14; Matthew 16:27)

Correct Answer - I leveraged all I had for the Kingdom of God.

  1. What does Jesus want us to KNOW?
  2. What does Jesus want us to FEEL?
  3. What does Jesus want us to DO?

What Jesus Wants Us To FEEL

  • Humbled & Honored…that he would entrust us with his business.
  • Dignity & Responsibility…that our choices, our lives, it all counts. It all matters.
  • Excitement & Anticipation…of his return and his reward.
    Shocked & Somber…reflecting upon if we’re living so as to be ready for that day.
  • Gratefulness & Urgency…that there is time to repent and change, that He hasn’t come back yet, and the story’s not over, and that there is time to change how I’m living, and that I can make my life count.

What Jesus Wants Us To DO:
1) Take Inventory
What do you have? What have you been given?

2) Check the Return
Time, Money, Mouth - Where are they going? What are they revealing? Accomplishing?

4 Focusing Questions:

#1 - What faithful servant have I benefited from?
#2 - Is my life ready for inspection?
#3 - Do I want to hear “Well done…”?
#4 - What changes do I need to make

Discussion Questions:

Getting to Know Me
Were you a good test taker? Why/Why not?
How did you prepare for tests?

Into the Bible

  • Review the Parable
  • What do you think v11 has to do with this parable?
  • What three parties (sets of people) are mentioned in v12-14?
  • Who is the nobleman? Who are the servants? Who are the citizens or subjects?
  • What instructions did the nobleman give his servants?
  • What was the master’s response to the first servant? How was he rewarded for his service?
  • How was the second servant rewarded for his service?
  • What was wrong with the 3rd servant’s response to the master? [Compare v13 with v20.]
  • Why does v21 suggest the servant responded the way he did?
  • How does the alternative in v23 influence how you view the servant and master?
  • How does the master’s action in v24 make sense to you?
  • What is the key difference between the first two servants and the third one?
  • Does v26 make you a little uncomfortable? Why or why not?
  • What difference does it make to see the servants as the center of the story versus seeing the master as the center of the story?
  • Does the parable tell us why his subjects hated him?
  • Does v27 make you a little uncomfortable?
  • Do you think it would have made people uncomfortable at the time? Why?


  • What stood out to you most from the sermon?
  • What’s one step of obedience or action that you need to take in light of this sermon?
  • If we are to take inventory of the things Jesus has entrusted to us to use, what kinds of things would be included?
  • How do you think you’d do right now on “the test” if Jesus asked you - “What did you do with what I gave you?” What would be a good first step in the right direction from where you are now in that regard?
  • Of the “feeling” words Pastor Josh gave…which ones stand out the most to you and why? [Under the section What does Jesus want us to Feel?]
  • Pray for each other, for the strength and encouragement to follow through on changes that the Holy Spirit is prompting you to make?
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