The New Kingdom Life Part 2 S2 E12 Notes

The New Kingdom Life Part 2 S2 E12 Notes

Season 2 - Going Public
Episode 12 - "The New Kingdom Life Part 2”
Pastor Adam James, July 21, 2019
Text: Luke 6:37-49

Intro: Part 1 Recap

  • Life in the Kingdom of God contrasted with life in the kingdom of this World.
  • Life in the Kingdom of God contrasted with death in the kingdom of Religion (Pharisees)
  • Contrasting genuine disciples with imitation/lip-service disciples (religious or worldly)
  • The Children of God will be like their Father. We do not act a certain way to become children of God… we act a certain way to prove that we are the children of God.
  • *Note: Jesus’ Teaching often includes - Principle, Practical application, Promise
    Context: (v.31) Do to others as you would have them do to you.
    (v.36) Be merciful as your Father is merciful.

I. Luke 6:37-42 - Judging Others

v. 37-38 - Two Negatives: Don’t Judge, Don’t Condemn
Two Positives: Forgive (“Release”), Give (generous)
With a Sowing & Reaping Principle (Amplified Golden Rule)

Truth #1: When we fail to love (see like God sees) we become spiritually blind.
When we are more about rules than needs we are spiritually blind.
The Pharisees missed the kingdom, missed the point.

What Comes Naturally for Humans:
Humanity and Hypocrisy go hand in hand. We look at others failures/sins through a microscope, ours from a birds eye view. We deal with others harshly & ourselves lightly…

Often times the thing we are most critical of in others is the thing we are most guilty of ourselves. To be hypocritical = hyper-critical of others yet failing to properly judge oneself.

- Avoiding Accountability, and in our sin, hating the light. (Even if the others are truthfully & lovingly pointing out our sin) (John 3:16-18) (Billy Graham golf story)
P.S. - If you become the victim, you’ll become the judge.
- Exalt Autonomy - Auto (self) Nomos (law/rule) “I can do whatever I want to do & no one can tell me otherwise” (Gen 3)

There’s a danger in knowing “a” verse. When we play “gotcha” with this verse out of context we’re ironically doing the very thing Jesus says not to do in that very verse!

What Doesn’t Come Naturally for Humans:
A radical humility through self-examination, a willingness to hear & receive truth, and a radical grace & mercy toward others.
Loving God - if you do, you won’t condone/defend/excuse/minimize sin (license ditch)
Loving Others - if you do, you won’t condemn others (legalism ditch)

Truth #2: Jesus’ love doesn’t mean he agrees with everything in our lives.
P.S. - you can love without agreeing, & you can confront without condemning
“Jesus still loves me” does not give us license to live however we want to live and go on in unrepentant attitudes or actions. (“Why call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say?”)

Problem: A wrong kind of judgment and the lack of a right kind of judgment

Truth #3: Christianity is about Grace & Truth (John 1:14)

“Do Not Judge” - v. 37-38
What it isn’t…
Setting aside law-court justice
Setting aside our critical faculties of discernment
Setting aside any/all correction or accountability (not turning a blind eye to sin)

What it is…
Setting aside self-righteous, hypocritical, harsh, judgmentalism; Condemning spirit

(Stott) I know that I am on the wrong side of this equation when:
I judge other people’s motives in the worst light,
I delight to pour cold water on their schemes, and
I am ungenerous toward them when they make mistakes

Principle: Judge others the way you want God to judge you.
Life is a kind of “relational tennis” (In marriage, siblings/families, relationships)
“A gentle answer turns away wrath.” (Prov. 15:1)

Blind Leading the Blind - v. 39-40
Careful who you follow! Who can lead? Who can teach? Who can see? (Not the Pharisees)

Principle: If you’re not loving, you shouldn’t be leading.

Plank Eye Disease - v. 41-42
First take the plank out of your own eye, THEN you can see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye.

Principle: Fix yourselves before you fix others.
We CAN help each other avoid sin, repent of sin, change course, correct our path… in fact love REQUIRES it.

Stop judging harshly with hypocrisy & pride & a heart to condemn
Start judging carefully with integrity & love & a heart to help

II. Luke 6:43-45 - A Tree and Its Fruit

Big Idea: CHARACTER…. fruit… Actions & Words (heart—>speech)
A tree is “recognized” (judged) by its fruit… We are called to be fruit inspectors…

Truth #4: “We are what we say and do, even when it’s hard to admit.” (Pastor Larry Osborne)
You can only fake it for awhile…eventually, your true character will be revealed.
True spiritual life comes from within… Jesus Kingdom is Upside Down & Inside Out.
What fruit are you producing? What kind of tree are you?

III. Luke 6:46-49 - The Wise and Foolish Builders

Big Idea: OBEDIENCE… actions… Another vital part of our character is our actions. Our actions and our character or inseparably related.

Truth #5: Knowledge without obedience is absolutely worthless.
It is better to apply what little you know than to know a lot and not apply it.

Truth #6: Only true, genuine disciples will stand the flood of God’s judgment.
“Can’t be shaken” & “destruction complete” (v.48-49) not just to this life, but final judgment
“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.” - Keith Green


A genuine Christian is devoted to the New Kingdom Life, with new values & priorities, merciful & loving to others, not hypercritical & judgmental with a condemning spirit, but forgiving and generous, helpful and honest, fruitful and loving in speech, sincere and obedient in practice… they endure and hold steady come what may… they are becoming more and more like their Father and more and more like their Teacher, their Savior… who alone is perfectly full of Grace and Truth, and they are continually drawn to Him in awe & wonder & gratitude…

Reflection Questions:

So where do you need to stop judging others? Who do you need to forgive?
What plank do you need to remove?
What kind of tree are you? What kind of fruit is growing?
What kind of builder/building are you? What’s your next step of obedience?

Communion Exhortation…

The Judge…became the judged… The holy one was condemned to die so that the sinful ones could be forgiven and declared holy… Only in the Kingdom of Jesus can you find Grace & Truth… The New Kingdom Life is the ultimate satisfaction for the deepest longing of the human soul….but you must be born again to see it, to embrace it… to embrace divine accountability, to reject absolute autonomy… God & self rather than being in conflict come into right relationship and the way is opened to “shalom” “peace”… the world needs a Savior, and God sent His Son, Jesus Christ.

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