The Power of Unity

The Power of Unity

At our staff lunches on Tuesdays, we take the first hour and catch up relationally (i.e. the guys talk about the Hawks, and girls talk about... girl stuff). Then the second hour, it's back to work. This week, Pastor Josh lead our staff through the 4 Principles of Unity that applies to any team, church, marriage, or business relationship. It was a powerful reminder that God blesses any team that puts personal preferences aside for Kingdom advancement. It's definitely a teaching we're excited for him to make into a sermon series. 

4 Principles of Unity 

  1. God loves Unity and behavior that promotes it. Inversly, God hates division and any behavior that promotes it. Anytime you act in such a way that brings unity, God loves it. Power of God is limited when there’s division

  2. Satan understands the power of unity and is always working to bring division

  3. Unity is not accidental. Unity is a result of hard work. 

  4. Unity happens when personal interests decline and Kingdom interests rise. This means we put aside our preference of theological nuances and put the Kingdom of God first. 

4 Promises of Unity

  1. Unity gives you unlimited potential. Unified unbelievers have more power than divided believers 

  2. Unity gives you supernatural blessing/anointing when His people are unified. 

  3. Unity gives you supernatural power. Pentecost was about unity, not power. Power is a liability to anything that’s divided. 

  4. God will answer your prayer (1 Peter 3:7)

4 Prerequisites for Unity

  1. Walk in the Spirit. 

  2. The Love of Christ

  3. Submission to Authority 

  4. Repentance and Forgiveness

Believe the best even when you see the worst

Don’t believe what you hear about someone until you’ve spoken to them personally 

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