Today My Heart Is Full

Today My Heart Is Full

Today my heart is full. I so wish each of you could have been with me this week as I've read emails, received texts, and talked with people sharing their stories regarding Building Home. I've had the most random and encouraging encounters this week!

Like the the new believer who texted me to share how excited his family was to, after much prayer and wrestling and wishing they could give more, discovered a reserve fund in their budget they'd completely forgotten about. So now they were going to be able to give more to Building Home than they originally thought. They were totally shocked. And stoked. Yes!

Then there was the single mom who grabbed me between services and with the look of sheer delight and excitement in her eyes shared how an unexpected financial provision had come her way. Just when she thought there was no way for her to participate in the joy of giving, the Lord made a way. "I can hardly wait for next week!" she exclaimed. 

There was the random stranger who approached me as I ran around town and with a beaming face said, "I can hardly wait for Sunday, can you?!" It took a second for it to sink in, and when she saw the hesitant and confused look on my face, she goes, "Commitment Sunday, silly! It's our church's big day! Where have you been?!" Oh yes, right! 

And maybe my favorite...the story I heard from a proud grandfather telling me of how he had watched a video of his grandson giving a passionate plea to the youth of Anchored to step up, dream big, and do things that matter with their life. This young man shared his personal "Big Dream" with the entire Anchored youth group of starting a for-profit company that would fund church plants like Grace City! Lord, let it be so!

On and on the testimonies continue to roll in of people trusting Jesus, dreaming big, and getting creative to figure out ways to give above and beyond their normal tithe to the vision of Building Home. I'm genuinely overwhelmed by the passion, the kindness, and the joyful giving that marks our church family. Seriously Grace City, it is a privilege to lead such a generous and fun-loving church family.

I'll send some instructions for Commitment Sunday on Saturday, but I just had to take a quick moment and encourage you today. Thank you for your enthusiasm, for your creativity, for your's contagious. And encouraging. May the Lord bless His church as we step out onto this journey of faith!

Excited for Sunday,

Pastor Josh

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