Tools for Reflection And Planning

Tools for Reflection And Planning

I'll keep this short...but just wanted to pass along 3 tools for you to check out. The best one is the one you actually USE / DO! Below are links to 3 of the most helpful tools I know of to help you start your year out right:

1) 4 Questions Looking Back, 5 Questions Looking Forward. Pastor Josh used these in a sermon a couple years back and they are both simple and effective.

2) Brian Howard's Life Planning Tool. We gave this to you at our May 2018 SYNC training, but am giving it to you again... review your previous one, are take a fresh crack at it, it's a powerful tool.

3) Donald Whitney's 10 Questions to Start A New Year. Plus 21 additional really good questions. 

Remember... this year we will all go somewhere...either by design or by default...Let's be intentional in our pursuit of Jesus and make the most of the days and breath He gives us! Carve out some time to look back, look ahead, think about your life, and "make plans not excuses" (great line from Pastor Mark's sermon!)

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." - Psalm 90:12

Excited to Follow Jesus in 2019 With You,

Pastor Adam

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