Guys, Your Marriage Needs A Vision Weekend

Guys, Your Marriage Needs A Vision Weekend

I remember my parents doing this when I was a kid, and now that I’m married, my wife and I have done it most every year. We usually do it in January, as that’s the time we plan out the whole year, but it can be done at any time. Trust me, setting aside time to seek God in your relationship will transform your life, your marriage, and your kids. Here’s a few tips for how to have a successful Vision Weekend. 

1. Try to get 48 hours alone, with no kids

Plan it out with family members or trusted friends. If you can’t go somewhere, then see if someone can take the kids and you stay home. Going somewhere is often helpful to reset and refocus, and January is a great time of the year to find great deals on places to stay. But if you can’t get away, then stay home and make the best of it. Go whatever time of year works for you, but make sure you do it. Your marriage and family will benefit from you and your spouse getting away for a Vision Weekend. 

2. Make a plan of WHAT you’ll work on before you go

In order to have a successful vision retreat, you have to have a plan. You at least need some direction of what you’ll talk/pray through before you go. There’s nothing worse than taking 48 hours and getting stuck or not knowing what to do, so take some time to plan it out.

3. Talk about the pressing issues

What needs to be addressed? Are your finances constantly causing tension? Does something in your sex-life need to be addressed? Does schedule need to be changed? Discuss each topic: Children, money, sex, work, schooling, projects, extended fam, and rest. What are the issues causing tension in your marriage right now? That’s what needs to be talked about. It’s better to take 1-2 hours of intense focused discussion to resolve an issue and make a plan than to have the year go by with it lingering in the background of your marriage. 

4. Make sure you have fun as well

Start the 48 hours off with a date night. Make it fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just fun. Then, hit the next morning hard with vision planning. In the afternoon, take a mind break and go for a walk, a hike, walk around a new town, or play a game. 

5. Set Goals for every part of your marriage/life

What will you do this year? Need some ideas? Check out this post for questions to help you set goals regrading spiritual, financial, physical, relational, fun, and vocational Goals. 

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