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A Tale of Two Kings

April 29, 2018 | Josh McPherson | Esther

In the godless book of Esther, a clear portrait emerges of two super-power Kings. The first king, King Xerxes, is the most powerful man on the planet, overseeing an empire the size of which has never before been seen in the history of the world. Babylon? Captured. Egypt? Overthrown. Greeks? Next on the hit list. His opulence, wealth, and power are unmatched, demonstrated in a 6-month party for 15,000 world leaders full of lavish food, drink, women, and debauchery. All is going well until a royal family disturbance spirals into a national crisis, and the buffoonery of human power gets put on full display. And that's just the beginning of the story...


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A Tale of Two Brides

May 13, 2018 | Josh McPherson | Esther

At what point does assimilation in culture mean capitulation to culture? At what point does assimilating into culture become compromising towards God? How do we as Christians live in a world whose values are in direct conflict with our own? Withdraw? Fit in? Protest and criticize? As Christians called to live a distinctly different life than the world, where and how do we draw the line? In the sermon, Pastor Josh unpacks Esther chapter 2 as the sordid tale continues and the characters face this very dilemma.


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