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What If?

July 23, 2017 | Carey McPherson | Proverbs, Fear

All of us face fear on a daily basis. Fear of failure, fear of the economy, fear of terrorism, fear of tragedy, fear of the future. We fear what will happen to us relationally: Will I always be single? Will my marriage ever change? Will my kids be kept safe? The question isn’t how do I get rid of fear, but how do I live with fear without being overcome by fear? Our Heavenly Father intends for His children to walk in confidence in the face of fear. In this sermon, Pastor Carey shows us how Jesus overcomes our fears.


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There's More To Fear

August 13, 2017 | Carey McPherson | Proverbs, fear

Fear will keep you from obeying God and experiencing the promises and blessings of God in your life. And that’s what the enemy wants. He doesn’t want you to live in confidence; he wants you to live your life in fear and doubt. Thankfully, God has provided a way out of fear.


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