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8 Things More Valuable Than Earthly Riches: A Practical & Proverbial View of Money So You Can Enjoy It

June 25, 2017 | Josh McPherson | Money, Finances, Wisdom, Stewardship, Riches, Spending Money, Proverbs

Life is full of issues and, relationships, temptations, conflict, career path, friendships, crisis...some experts have estimated we make over 36,000 decisions a day. But how do we know which are the right decisions? Some are easy...right and wrong are clear. But others are not as clear...and that's why you need wisdom.

In this sermon, Pastor Josh kicks off our series on Proverbs with a practical look at what it means to have a biblical perspective on money by examining the 8 things the Bible says are more important than money.


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6 Things Wise People Do With Money

July 02, 2017 | Josh McPherson | Money, Finances, Wisdom, Stewardship, Riches, Spending Money, Proverbs

Every dollar bill is inscribed with these four words, "In God We Trust." Ironically, the very paper its printed on often becomes what we trust in in place of God. Money is a gift to be received and enjoyed, but many find it a constant source of stress or conflict. In this very practical sermon, Pastor Josh looks at 6 mega-themes in Proverbs that teach the common attitudes and practices of wise people in relationship to money and wealth.


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4 Principles of Financial Freedom

August 06, 2017 | Josh McPherson | proverbs

God's desire is that all of his children walk in financial freedom. But what does that even mean? In this sermon, Pastor Josh not only gives a definition that he and Sharon wrote together years ago when they were first married, but he also unpacks the 4 practical principles everyone can apply to their life right now to get on the road to experiencing financial freedom for themselves.


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