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How Do I Deal With My Dysfunctional Family?

September 17, 2017 | Josh McPherson

Sadly, sometimes it's the people closest to us who hurt us the deepest, and the relationships we expect to be most life-giving that end up being the most toxic. But God designed families to thrive and be life giving. Could we ever experience that? In this sermon, Pastor Josh answers specific questions asked about how to be faithful to Jesus while living inside and around broken and dysfunctional families.


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Honor Your Father And Mother

March 12, 2017 | Josh McPherson | Ten Commandments

The 5th Commandment is the pivot point of the 10 as it shifts the focus from our relationship with God to our relationship with others, and it starts with our closest neighbor...our parents. This sermon is for anyone who ever had a parent...whether young or old, dead or still alive, Pastor Josh unpacks the practical outworking of what it looks like at every age to honor one's parents. From small children to teenagers to young adults, the command is relevant and applicable to every person at every stage of life.


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