Welcome to the annual
stronger man nation conference!


Stronger Man Nation Conference is driven by one simple conviction: boys are born, men are made. 

This 2-day event packed full of fun events, challenging competitions, food, awards, prizes, singing, and solid pull-no-punches teaching is guaranteed to give you a Father's Day Weekend you won't forget.  

Sessions focused on how a man becomes a Stronger Man:
Practical ways for fathers to build their own rite of passage experiences for their sons
How to live in a tribe of men who make you better
The acid test of manhood
How to be a critical contributor to a movement
How to become a dangerous man who keeps the enemy up at night

The Stronger Man Nation Conference is open to all men...fathers, sons, brothers, friends. Stronger Man Nation is a fraternity of like-minded men living out noble manhood in a confused culture for a higher purpose.
We are protectors, providers, leaders, lovers. There's always room for another Man. 
We'd love for you to join us.

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1:00p Check-in | Vendors | The Shop | Silent Auction | The Bookstore
2:00p Opening Ceremonies
2:30p all Competitions Open
4:30p Dinner Open
5:30p Competition Finals
7:00p Session One
9:00p Done


8:00a Check-in
9:00a Session Two
11:30a Lunch
12:30p Awards
1:00p Session Three
3:00p Skill Shop

Vendors & Competitions

Check out the list of Vendors at Stronger Man Conference 2022: FORGED
Competitions: Fastball Pitch | Homerun Derby | 3-on-3 Basketball | Axe-Throwing | 2-Man Saw | Wood-Splitting | Football | Warrior Dash | Archery | Pull-Ups | Crossfit | Box Jump | Bench Press | Deadlift | Push-Ups | Tug-o-War

Stronger Man Nation

Frequently Asked questions

Who can come?

The conference is open to all men. You don't have to attend Grace City Church. The conference is open to everyone. We've had men from 4 different states and dozens of different churches join us. Come one, come all!

Can I come late?

The weekend is designed to have a cumulative effect. If you can only make Friday or Saturday, you can still register. But we highly, highly encourage you to plan for the whole weekend.

Will there be food options for those with dietary restrictions?

While we will try to provide a variety of options, we cannot guarantee to meet every need. If you have specific dietary restrictions, we suggest you make arrangements to bring your own food.

Can I bring my young sons?

Yes. All ages are welcome. We recommend ages 8 and up to fully enjoy the weekend, but each dad can make his own decision based on his son.

Is there a registration break if I can only make part of it?

No. And we'd really encourage you to plan to be there the whole time!