A one-year Bible school training young leaders to shape culture for the glory of God

Stand for Truth.

Fight for Good.

Who It's For

College age, Jesus-loving men and women who are 
ready to engage in a rigorous season of accelerated learning, unafraid to be pushed
and challenged, and want a rock solid foundation of truth to build the rest of their lives upon. 

How We Train Leaders

In every aspect of the Vector program, we teach students to do 3 things:

Fisher Lehman, Class of 2023

"God has taken me from a simple faith to a deep faith and given me a fiery passion for Him and
His Word. Through Vector, I have been learning to be an unhindered asset for the Kingdom and God’s plan. Learning to first start with God has opened my eyes to all the grace and joy that He has poured out in my life."

Alex PelayoClass of 2022

"Vector is a breath of fresh air. With the current culture that we are living in today, understanding Godly values and morals can make all the difference. You learn how to stand for these morals and have deep conversations about God and the Bible in Vector. Knowing how to stand for the truth and walk in God's path are two important things I learned from Vector."

Brooklyn EisenhardClass of 2023

"While we’re finishing our first term, I’ve been reflecting on just what this program has done for me. Some of these people I met on day one, and I feel like I’ve known them my whole life. I have been learning so much about God and just how astounding He is. He loves us so much and having the opportunity to learn all the ways He shows us His love has been life changing.  
I’m only three months into this journey, but I know I’m already charting a course for the rest of my life." 

Vector GRaduate

Learning Objectives: As a Vector Student, You Will

  • Read the Bible cover to cover
  • Read 30+ great books covering theology, history, civics, discipleship, apologetics, and more
  • Have confidence in your ability to study, understand, and communicate the Word of God
  • Be able to confidently defend why you believe the Bible
  • Learn to love God's design for manhood and womanhood
  • Establish foundational spiritual disciplines
  • Strengthen your identity in Christ and discover your calling as a member of His Body
  • Develop a deep understanding of Christian Doctrine
  • Have a biblical understanding of civil government, family, and the Church
  • Know and institute godly principles of financial stewardship

Retreats and excursions


Vector Boot Camp

A week of team-building challenges and experiences that establish the Vector ethos. It will be hard, you will be pushed, and you’ll be talking about it all year.


A powerful journey through the book of Exodus where you will learn how to apply God’s story and pattern of redemption to your personal story.

The Gift and Gifts of The Spirit

A biblical study of spiritual gifts and identity in Christ. You will be greatly encouraged and equipped in your calling as a member of the Body of Christ.


The Great American West

A road trip to Yellowstone National Park, filled with history, campfires, and an exhilarating surprise or two.

The Bible and Freedom

A trip to Washington DC, where you will experience the Museum of the Bible and our nation’s capital. With this trip guided by Vector Professors themselves, it truly is the trip of a lifetime. 

Leadership Symposium

Throughout the year, Vector will feature special guests who are leaders from the community in fields of business, government, law enforcement, and more.

Student Testimonials

Walker Young

Inaugural Class
"Because of Vector, I now have a long game vision for my life that is worth waking up for because it glorifies God. I have a new view on relationships and how they are to point to and glorify God, and I don’t want to accomplish anything in this world if it doesn’t glorify God."

Abagail Ward

Inaugural Class
"I have learned the value of truth, experienced Godly community and wise mentors, and I have been pushed hard to accomplish what I didn’t think was possible. I have learned discipline and been equipped to lay a foundation to build the rest of my life on. Every minute of Vector was worth it.”

Grace Davis

Inaugural Class
"Vector has blessed me with a new love for God’s Word. It’s revealed how the beautiful story of the Gospel runs through the entire Bible and how personal and intentional our God is. I’ve been given tools to not only understand doctrine, but also to live it out for the glory of God and to bring others to Christ.”

Caiden Lenson

Inaugural Class
“Vector has changed the way I look at the world around me. It has helped me put God first and see everything else in light of Him. I have learned so much about defending the faith, as well as holding the Bible as the highest standard and authority. I have greatly grown in my relationship with Christ.”

Take 9 Months To Get The Next 50 Years Right


Will I be able to work a job while doing Vector?

Yes! Students can work part-time during their Vector experience. Students will be able to cover their own tuition by working approximately 15 hours a week at minimum wage.

Are scholarships available?

We are happy to discuss any questions regarding tuition with students and parents. We have payment plans available and have intentionally kept tuition low enough so that students working part-time can pay their way through.

What will students be responsible for outside of tuition?

Students will be responsible for all living expenses outside of Vector including food, room and board, car, gas, a laptop, etc.

Is Vector Academy accredited? 

Vector is not accredited with any other organization. While we are open to exploring options in the future, we also want to maintain strong academic freedom, holding ourselves to high standards of excellence.

Are there grades?

Yes. Students will be given a detailed syllabus for each class and will need to earn at least a ā€œCā€ in order to pass. Failing a class is akin to failing out of Vector.
While there may be opportunities to make up work in order to pass a class, if extenuating circumstances apply, students should not plan on these exceptions. Vector professors are all committed to helping students discover, learn, and grow. Students will be challenged, and mentored, through assigned academic work.

What do I get for completing Vector?

In addition to the teaching, leadership, and experiences, upon successful graduation from Vector Academy, students will be given a certificate of graduation, at least two professional reference letters, and a professional resume that collates their Vector experience.