JOSH PIC copyIt’s a joy for me to introduce you to the people of Grace City Church. They are remarkable human beings. Passionate, gracious, generous, hard-working, loving, kind, funny, innovative, creative, caring, thoughtful, genuine, patient, thoughtful, earnest, energetic, steadfast, faithful, hilarious and fun-loving. These are just a few of the words that come quickly to mind as faces and stories run fondly through my memory.

At Grace City Church, you’ll discover that the doors are open to anyone from all walks of life. We care less about where someone has come from, and more about where they want to go from here.

You’ll find we take Jesus very seriously, and ourselves, well, not so much. You’ll find that we love stories, and that we believe God is working in every part of our broken life to write a beautiful story of redemption, purpose, meaning and significance.

In other words, we not only love to celebrate what the Lord has saved us from, but we also love dreaming about what he’s saved us for.

We have been stunned by the kind of whole-sale life-changes that we have got to witness take place right before our eyes. Addictions broken, marriages restored, relationships healed, hope received, faith stirred, freedom experienced, purpose discovered.

We are seeing selfish people become generous, lazy people become industrious, critical people become compassionate, harsh people become gentle, hurt people become whole, indifferent people start to care. We are seeing those tired of church have their passion for Jesus restored. We are seeing those who’ve never been to church find a place they can call home. And together we are discovering more and more that it’s the journey Jesus cares about…walking with us and sometimes for us when we don’t think we can take another step.

Jesus is on the move, and it’s incredible to get a front row seat.

We have two simple convictions at Grace City…that everyone can make critical contributions to the mission of the church, and that all of ordinary life matters when lived for Jesus. It’s this simple approach to ministry that keeps people’s lives free to learn about Jesus, love each other, and live in community as a blessing not a burden.

We’d love to have you join us this Sunday. Until then, you should find everything you need here to help you find out more about us and help you get connected.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to meet you soon.


Josh McPherson                                                                                                          Lead Pastor

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