When the men get stronger, everything gets better.

0600 Stronger Men is the monthly rally for men who want to become stronger men who build stronger men who live for the glory of God. We have a firm conviction that when the men get stronger, everything gets better.

Gather the 1st Wednesday of every month to:
Sing to Jesus like men.
Pray for one another and our families as brother-warriors.
• Let the Word of God exhort and encourage us in the ways of biblical manhood.
Receive a monthly challenge and helpful resources.
• Strengthen our ability as men to lead, love, protect, and provide.
0600 Stronger Men Morning Prayer Huddles

0600 Stronger Men

June 1

First Wednesday of every month at 0600 (that's AM!). The coffee will be hot.
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Stronger Man Nation

We're launching a movement.  
All men welcome.


Kill the dragon. 
Win the girl.

Stronger Man Nation Logo Kill The Dragon
Stronger Man Nation Conference Forged June 2022

June 17th & 18th

Father's Day Weekend

Covering two full days, we're pulling out all the stops. Combining the competitions and challenges of our Man Event with the teaching and equipping of our Conference, this Stronger Man Nation SUPER EVENT is guaranteed to blow your hair back.

Bring your dad, sons, brothers, cousins, friends...we'll see you there!