Adventure Play Silo


The Adventure Play Silo is for children to explore, imagine, and play. The design encapsulates the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, featuring a Bigleaf Maple piercing through 3 amazing levels! Stone slides, ball pits, swings, ropes, and an epic treehouse inspires adventure for kids of all ages.


Monday – Wednesday: 10am-2pm
Thursday: 10am-6:30pm
Friday-Sunday: Closed

Play Silo Rules:

  • Waiver Must Be Signed By Parent
  • Parental Supervision Required 
  • Guests Assume Risks
  • Please Remove Shoes
  • No Food or Drinks Allowed
  • Please Keep Balls in Ball Pit 


Q: Do I need to attend Grace City Church to enjoy the Play Silo?
A: Nope, all are welcome!

Q: Will the Play Silo be closed when the church is closed on holidays, etc?
A: Yes. If you are uncertain if the church is open, please reach out to the office at (509) 888-8235 or

Q: Is parental supervision required?
A: Yes, children should be supervised by their parents at all times. There is a seating area just outside of the silo, so you're more than welcome to sit and watch your older kids through the windows!

Q: Can my children run around the church?
A:  The short answer is no. We love kids being kids, which is why we built the Play Silo. During the week, the church functions as a workspace, and folks are here for meetings, Bible studies, inquiring about weddings, funerals, etc. It's important that all running, shouting, and playtime happens in the silo or outside.

Q: The Play Silo has 3 levels. What are the age recommendations for the 3 levels?
Level 1: ages 2 to 6
Level 2: ages 3 to 10
Level 3: ages 6 to 12

Q: Do I have to sign a waiver for my child to use the Play Silo?
A: Yes, but only the first time so we can have it on our records. We want the Play Silo to be a safe place for all kiddos, but each family must realize their kids play at their own risk.You can sign the waiver HERE.

Q: Why did you guys build the Play Silo?
A: We love kids and young families and want to build a fun place for kids to be kids and have safe a place to play, explore, exercise their little bodies and big imaginations (even in the winter months!).

Q: If I have questions, who do I ask?
A:  If you have any questions or want to know more about Grace City Church, please call us at (509) 888-8235, email, or stop by the front desk near the Play Silo.