Grace Teams

At Grace City Church, we want to help people flourish as they follow Jesus and live out their God-given design. We believe the Church is healthiest and, therefore, strongest when it benefits from everyone's unique, God-given gifts. We've designed Grace City as a place where you serve not to fill a need but to fulfill your calling. Each of the following steps are intended to be simple and helpful towards that end.

We call ourselves

"Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper (door holder) in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked."  Psalm 84:10
We like to say Doorholders rather than volunteers, because volunteers sound like people who randomly sign up and hopefully show up. Doorholders, rather, take ownership of the house they call home and find great joy in opening the way for other people to meet and experience Jesus. A Doorholder is someone who's been inside and experienced Jesus and is passionate about helping to welcome others in to meet Jesus, as well.

Growth Track

Growth Track helps get you connected to serve on one of our many Grace Teams. It involves four Steps that run on four consecutive Sundays (Step One is typically on the first Sunday of the month, Step Two is typically on the second Sunday, and so on). Join Pastor Chris Neuberger in the Chapel following 3rd service on Sundays and discover how you can live into the redemptive purpose God has created you for. Lunch is provided.

Sign up for House News or contact the church office at Info@GraceCityChurch.Com for schedule updates.

Step One

Connect With Us. Learn more about the ministry, history, and theological foundations of Grace City Church.

Step Two

Discover Your Design. We believe design reveals purpose. You will be led on a highly interactive journey to discover your unique wiring and consider where you best fit into the ministry of Grace City.

Step Three

Grow Your Leadership. Learn what it means to be a leader at Grace City and how you can grow in character and competency to fulfill your leadership potential in all of life.

Step Four

Join the Grace Team. We love building strength-based teams of people doing what they were born to do and making a difference in other people's lives. Learn how you can live out your purpose and be part of that kind of team.

Have any questions?
Ready to join a Grace Team?

Fill out the form and let us know what questions you have about Growth Track. Join us on Sundays after third service to learn more. While it's helpful to attend the Growth Track Steps in order, it's not necessary. Jump in when you can!