Ever wanted a Master's level education in parenting, life, theology, marriage, leadership, or culture? Here's your chance!

Life-Trac University provides a unique (and free!) opportunity for anyone in the community to access university-level education from local pastors and teachers who are experts in their fields. Classes run on a quarterly schedule with a summer break. Each quarter, different classes will be available to anyone who wants to engage in topics ranging from building a Gospel-centered marriage to investment strategies to understanding cultural marxism. Quarterly registration opens 1-2 months before each start date and courses are offered at no cost. Come ready to learn and grow.

Lifelong Learners Pursuing Maturity

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We're super excited for our upcoming classes...

Registration for Spring Qtr 2024 is now open!

New Life In Christ
What Do I Do Next?
Growth Track
Join The Team!
Mastering Communication In Your Marriage
Communication Workshop
Practical Parenting
How to Raise Kids You Like
Lovin' Your Man In the Kitchen
How to Cook the Dragon and Feed Your Man
For Richer, For Poorer
Financial Unity In Your Marriage
Intentional Courtship
Guiding Our Sons and Daughters Towards Marriage

We Value Lifelong Learning

"You never arrive. Nobody has arrived. We're all in-process. We're all on the journey. We're all growing. We all have things to learn, and we want to be robust, intelligent, theologically-sharp, critical thinking believers, learning at every age for the rest of our lives." — Pastor Josh McPherson