Ever wanted a Master's level education in parenting, life, theology, marriage, leadership, or culture? Here's your chance!

Life-Trac University provides a unique (and free!) opportunity for anyone in the community to access university-level education from local pastors and teachers who are experts in their fields.  Classes run on a quarterly schedule with a summer break.  Each quarter, different classes will be available to anyone who wants to engage in topics ranging from building a Gospel-centered marriage to investment strategies to understanding cultural marxism. Quarterly registration opens 1-2 months before each start date and courses are offered at no cost.  Come ready to learn and grow.

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The Life Plan
January 16
Here we are: 2023. A new year...And the question arises, what will the next 365 days hold? How can I chart a course for a life that matters? It's time to make a plan of action! Carey McPherson will lead this class helping participants work through 5 core areas of life and create a plan of action to live with intentionality and purpose. Make a 12-month road map bringing order to the chaos of your life.
Gospel Strong Marriage
Feb 27 | Mar 6 | 20 | 27
Do you want to grow in your marriage? Do you want to get better at connecting with your spouse and working shoulder to shoulder with each other instead of against each other? The Bible says “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and that is proved nowhere better than in the context of marriage. Unity gives your marriage purpose and direction. Unity requires work, but the promise of working towards Spirit-filled unity in your marriage is this: God’s blessing and God’s power. Join Greg McPherson for a 4-week course to learn about one of the most powerful dynamics in marriage.
Financial Freedom 101
Jan 30 | Feb 6
Money: it’s a big deal. It can create a lot of stress on your pocketbook and in your relationships. Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans live paycheck to paycheck and money issues are regularly a leading cause of divorce in America. The good news is, whether you're 15 years old or 75 years old, just starting a career or retired, there are simple budgeting rules that will help relieve Financial stress. This course will teach you how to create and follow a personal budget. It’s time to take control of your spending and tell your hard-earned dollars where to go!
Financial Freedom 201
Feb 13 | 20
Assets. Stocks. Index funds. Bonds. Cryptocurrency. Does this sound like a different language to you? Then you need this class! Using examples, stories and real-world experience, Pastor Kyle Strong will demystify the discipline of investing and help you start exercising the Biblical principle of making money on your money. Whether you are looking for an investment to protect your nest egg, wanting to plan for retirement, or planning on investing in a business, you can take steps to secure your financial future today.
Financial Freedom 301
Mar 20 | 27
What sort of financial legacy will you leave your loved ones? Whether you intend to or not, you will leave them a financial legacy. The question is whether or not it will be a legacy of burden or blessing. Having a plan for your money during retirement and after you’re gone is a crucial piece to living a life of Kingdom-minded stewardship that ripples out to future generations. In this culminating course of the Financial Freedom series, you’ll dive in with Pastor Kyle Strong to learn more about how to leave a financial legacy that honors God and blesses your family.
Wise & Equipped
Jan 30 | Feb 6
Are you new to the faith and don’t know where to begin? Have you been following Jesus for a while but desiring to get a refresher on the principles that guide the Christian life? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this class is for you. Facilitated by Dave Haehl, one of our Elder Support and Advisory Team (ESAT) members, these 2 weeks will focus on foundational wisdom needed to stay the course in the storms of the Christian life. Do you want to go the distance with Jesus? Then you need to be Wise & Equipped.
Is Your Christianity Real?
Feb 13
All throughout Scripture, the Bible celebrates the virtue of integrity: the art of honest living before God and others. But what does this actually mean? In the shifting sands of a culture that elevates “correct” speech above actual truth in action, what we often find is the opposite of integrity: what the Bible describes as “duplicity,” or “double-mindedness.” Do you want to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and how to guard your integrity in order to live effectively as an ambassador for King Jesus? Then hop on board for this 1-week class facilitated by Dave Haehl, one of our Elder Support and Advisory Team (ESAT) members. You may also take this course as a follow-up to his Wise & Equipped class.
Basics: What Christians Believe
Feb 20 | 27 | Mar 6
Are you new to Christianity and don’t know where to begin? Have you been following Jesus for a while, but still struggling to articulate the basics of the Gospel that you believe? Whether you’re new to the Christian faith, or simply looking to strengthen your foundation in basic beliefs, this class is for you! Students will leave this course better equipped to evaluate all of life based on the Christian worldview. Three Monday nights of hanging out with Pastor Kyle McMullen will whet your appetite to dive deeper into God’s Word, and set you on a path toward steady growth in the Truth for years to come.
Conquer Series
Mondays, Mar 6 - May 8
10-WEEK SERIES (*Men only) This series helps men learn to fight against sexual immorality and find joy and peace walking in the freedom of sexual integrity. The Conquer Series is a cinematic small group study for men.

We Value Lifelong Learning

"You never arrive. Nobody has arrived. We're all in-process. We're all on the journey. We're all growing. We all have things to learn, and we want to be robust, intelligent, theologically-sharp, critical thinking believers, learning at every age for the rest of our lives." — Pastor Josh McPherson