Ever wanted a Master's level education in parenting, life, theology, marriage, leadership, or culture? Here's your chance!

Life-Trac University provides a unique (and free!) opportunity for anyone in the community to access university-level education from local pastors and teachers who are experts in their fields.  Classes run on a quarterly schedule with a summer break.  Each quarter, different classes will be available to anyone who wants to engage in topics ranging from building a Gospel-centered marriage to investment strategies to understanding cultural marxism. Quarterly registration opens 1-2 months before each start date and courses are offered at no cost.  Come ready to learn and grow.

Lifelong Learners Pursuing Maturity

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Fall '23 Class Registration Is Open!

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Living The Good Life
Pastor Kyle Strong
Whether you intend to or not, you will leave a financial legacy behind when you're gone; the question is: "What kind of legacy will it be?" This course is dedicated to helping you develop a robust, kingdom-minded, God-honoring financial gameplan.
Special Lecture Series
Pastor Josh McPherson
A special lecture series from your favorite lead pastor, as he unpacks to a greater extent the “Be Fruitful” vision and the impact it will have on our valley…
Practical Parenting
Pastor Kent & Patty McMullen
Need help being intentional with your kids? Do you have a plan for building unity in your own family team? This course is designed for parents of all ages, with kids at all stages, to expand their parenting toolbox relating to practical, everyday topics.
Unlock The Bible
Pastor Carey McPherson
The book of Genesis: The origin story of the universe, and the origin story of YOU. Sown into these beginning pages of your Bible are the narrative seeds that impact the entirety of human history as we know it…
Noble Women
Sharon McPherson
For the women of Grace City, this 2-week course is a strategic follow-up to the “Made” Conference—you’ll dive further into the topic of Biblical femininity, unpacking the vision of noble womanhood according to God’s design.
Pre-Pair For Marriage
Greg McPherson
COST: $80/Couple $40/Single. Are you recently married, engaged, about to be engaged, OR wanting to learn more about the principles that lead to a healthy marriage? You need a biblical vision for what a godly marriage is and how it works In this workshop, work on a plan to face the problems, handle the conflicts, and build a marriage that stands the test of time.
All Is Calm (Or Is It?)
Candy McPherson
For many, Christmas has become a time when we talk about peace, but feel mostly pressure. This is not necessarily a class of “tips;" the seasonal magazines can cover those. This is about giving you the precious gift of time to approach Christmas with a clear head and helpful strategies.

We Value Lifelong Learning

"You never arrive. Nobody has arrived. We're all in-process. We're all on the journey. We're all growing. We all have things to learn, and we want to be robust, intelligent, theologically-sharp, critical thinking believers, learning at every age for the rest of our lives." — Pastor Josh McPherson