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Satan is real. Demons are real. No, they are not behind every bush, but they would love nothing more than to derail the mission, leaders, and people of the Church. Like a hungry lion looking for someone to devour, the devil would enjoy eating you for lunch. He wants to destroy your faith, your marriage, your children, your hope, your integrity, your witness, and ultimately your soul. Do not be deceived. Spiritual attack and spiritual warfare are REAL. The Christian life = WAR. Period. We are on the offense. We do not want to give our adversary, the devil, an ounce more or less of the attention than God’s Word calls us to give. We are not to be ignorant or unaware of his schemes. We are to pray for God’s divine protection, leadership, and deliverance from temptation and evil. We have the armor of God, mighty weapons for warfare, the ability to resist and rebuke the enemy, the triumph of the Cross to daily remember, and the confidence of victory past, present, and future as we worship the Victorious Serpent-Crusher, King Jesus! Let us humbly—yet boldly—ask for God’s protection, and live lives of vigilance as we fight the good fight of faith!

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