Flourish is our 1-year mentoring journey, modeled after the Titus 2:3-5 mandate, where we connect mature women of faith with women who desire to walk through an intentional curriculum as they learn from the Word about identity, kinship, prayer, calling, and gratitude. This journey follows the calendar year with new classes launching each January.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate in FLOURISH?

FLOURISH is for any woman who is wanting to take intentional steps to grow in her relationship with Jesus, through consistent time in His Word and with the helpful encouragement of a more mature woman as a mentor. It is also for any older woman who is ready and available to walk besides a younger woman; to encourage, exhort and help her to grow in her walk with Jesus.

What is the time commitment for FLOURISH?

To get the most out of the experience, we encourage mentors and mentees to meet at least once per month in person, with touch points once per week (via email, text, etc). If the mentor has more than one mentee, they will also meet as a group with their mentees about once per month for a group discussion and connection.

Also included is the commitment to be in the FLOURISH study 5 days per week in independent time with Jesus. 

How long does the journey/program last?

FLOURISH is designed to be completed within one calendar year. New journeys are launched each January with a completion date in December of the same year. 

What are the requirements for mentors? Is there training for mentors?

Mentors need to be women of more mature faith and age, who are humble, lovers of the Word and willing to walk alongside and support women who are a little younger than them in the faith.

Although there is no formal training for mentors, there are countless resources provided in the study book, as well as at flourishmentor.com. We also have quarterly mentor cohorts for mentors to connect, pray and share best practices as they walk this road together. In addition to all this, the Flourish team at Grace City is available to help mentors anytime via flourish@gracecitychurch.com.

What are the requirements for mentees?

Mentees should be younger women (either in age or in the faith), who are teachable, ready to learn from their mentor. They should be motivated, with a desire to learn and grow. And they should be committed, to spend at least 5 days per week in their study/in God’s Word as well as make time for their monthly meetings with their mentor. The time spent in the study will help cultivate the soil of their hearts so when they meet with their mentor, they are in the best posture to learn and grow in their faith..to flourish!

How many mentees are matched with each mentor?

Each mentor is given from 1-4 mentees, depending on the mentor’s capacity and preference for their specific season of life.

Do I have to call Grace City Church my home to participate?

The FLOURISH curriculum is available to anyone to purchase if they would like to do the study independently or with friends, anywhere! You can find help and resources on their website at flourishmentor.com.  

However, to participate in the FLOURISH program that is facilitated by Grace City Church, we ask that you be a regular attendee of Grace City.

Can I do Year Two if I haven’t completed Year One?

Although these 2 studies can stand alone, they are designed to be done back to back and we recommend and encourage that you do Year One before applying for Year Two.

Do I get to pick my mentor?

The matching process for FLOURISH is very specific and intentional. Each mentor and mentee is considered through a multi-layered grid from personality to interests to geographic location and more. Our team prays over these matches with great trust that the Lord will work in hearts and connect women to bring great growth and flourishing!