Love for Lifelong Learning

Our curriculum is designed to appropriately challenge each student while being attentive to age and healthy brain development. Nurturing their minds and hearts together, our students learn that God is the Creator and each of them is created in His image. Our teachers inspire wonder and discovery while being deeply committed to helping each child grow into passionate lifelong learners.

Biblical Foundations

A Biblical worldview is central to all that we do in the classroom and is integrated throughout everything we learn. God’s amazing creation is our curriculum theme. Students memorize Bible verses, learn Bible stories, and are taught God's love and grace for us expressed in the finished work of Jesus Christ. 

Interactive Math

Through interactive, hands-on activities, students gain a strong foundation in mathematical conceptual understanding. Teachers facilitate exploration in counting, patterning, classifying, number sense, and basic arithmetic. We are laying the foundation for advanced math development.


We teach the importance of fine motor skills and the fundamentals of proper pencil grip, letter formation, and number writing. Through journaling and other activities, students use emergent writing skills beginning with drawing, and leading to full sentence writing.


Our science experience helps students cultivate a sense of wonder as they explore God’s creation by using the 5 senses. They will examine rocks, trees, leaves, flowers, and grass. They will observe and track the growth of plants, learn about animals, insects, habitats, weather and seasons. As they learn about and experience God's creation, they will grow in awe and wonder of Him. 

Creative Arts 

Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to imagine, create, and innovate. Students will explore a variety of mediums: tempera paint, collage, crayons, markers, chalk, and paste. They will grow in their love of music through aspects of rhythm, singing, movement songs, and dance. These experiences nurture physical, emotional, and social development in children, and cultivate an appreciation for creativity.


Children love to learn facts and build up knowledge about the world around them. We learn history through stories, songs, field trips, and other interactive experiences. We learn about community members and their roles and contributions. Pre-kindergarten students learn about famous Americans, The United States, and American traditions.