Anchored & Anchored Jr Meet on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm at Grace City Church (277 Melody Lane)

What is Anchored Youth?

Anchored is our high school group for students in 9th-12th grade. Anchored Jr. (AJR) is the junior high ministry for students 7th and 8th grade. The Anchored Youth ministry exists to help more students meet, love, and follow Jesus. How do we do that? We, #1 focus on the secret sauce (building real relationships centered on Jesus), #2 create experiences that make memories, and #3 call students to faith, teach them the Word of God and fan the flame of obedience.

You're Never Too Young For The Things That Matter

This is the tagline for Anchored Youth. We believe that once you become anchored in your God-given identity, then all of life can matter. So we want to start young. This is the place where Grace City youth and their peers from around the Valley are challenged to own their faith and make their school years count.

The Adult Leader Team

A key component of Anchored Youth is the leader team partnering with Pastor Brian Blair. These are parents of students and other adults in our church who have a burden on their heart to see our youth meet, love, and follow Jesus. They are leading small groups, discipling students and building relationships that spur students on in their spiritual growth. You can have confidence in this ministry because this awesome team is on mission to help your kids meet, love, and follow Jesus.

Resources for Parents

When men get stronger, everything gets better. Stronger Men is our monthly gathering of the men of Grace City. We meet the first Wedensday of each month from 6-7am to equip and encourage the men of Grace City to be stronger in their faith and leadership in every area of life.

Need a boost? Need some brothers? Need a stronger faith? Come catch the heart of what it means to be a man of God, to connect with brothers in the faith, and be equipped and encouraged from the Word of God for the spiritual battle of life.

Cultivate is a study for mothers and daughters, 7th through 12th grade, who want to grow in biblical virtues together. 

If you're new to the Anchored family, welcome! I am super glad you're here! My name is Brian, I'm the pastor of Anchored Youth. My hope is that Wednesday nights become an ANCHOR in your week - a place you can count on - a place that's safe, normal, open, and where relationships with God and friends can thrive.  - Pastor Brian


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