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The Well Gathering, September 2021

Encouraged by James 1:22-25, we learned what it means to be a doer of the word and not merely a hearer. The night was full, with worship, prayer for one another and the incredible resuscitation of the entire book of James by Pastor Josh’s mom, Mrs. Candy McPherson…from memory!

Recommended Resource

His Word in My Heart: Memorizing Scripture For a Closer Walk With God, By Janet Pope

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Women's Conference - October 2021

Ephesians 6:10-20 calls us “to put on the whole armor of God” so we may “stand against the enemy”. This timely scripture was the focus of our two-day conference with special messages from our very own Becca Michkiosky, licensed mental health counselor; as well as Grace Driscoll and her daughter Ashley Chase of Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ. These women brought powerful messages focused on each aspect of our text, with passion and clarity, calling us to armor up. To fight fearlessly; proclaim boldly; and pray confidently. Together we can STAND.

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Recommended Resource

The Armor Of God, by Priscilla Shirer

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The Well Gathering, December 2021

"and Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

What an incredible privilege to carry the Son of God, to experience first hand his miraculous birth and the events surrounding that moment. This special night at The Well focused on the perspective that is brought when we pause and ponder all that the Lord has done. Patty McMullen, wife of Pastor Kent, shared with us some practical ways to practice this during the meaningful, but often times busy season of Christmas. Treats, fellowship, a special take-home gift and the special puppy booth were enjoyed by all!

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The Well Gathering, February 2022

So many of us feel overwhelmed by the sadness, heartache and grief that is found in our world today. For many of us, the loss of a loved one, a job, a pet or a dream is crushing us with grief. Thankfully, we have a Savior who is aquatinted with our grief and He has made a way for us to be comforted. The highlight of this powerful night was the moving testimony of Annette Aguigui, wife, mother of 6, OB nurse and bringer of truth. Her incredible story is full of grief, sorrow and ultimately, hope. For truly, our Savior is the God of all comfort.

Recommended Resource

Between Grief And Glory, A study On The Book Of Lamentations, By The Daily Grace Co.

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The Well Gathering, June 2022

For our final gathering of Season 2 at The Well, we enjoyed an amazing night of worship, fellowship and study in the book of Psalms with an emphasis on praying the scriptures back to our Heavenly Father. Sharon McPherson, lead for The Well, shared with us about this simple, yet profound style of prayer. Excitedly we also launched into our summer reading plan together. Surrounded by yellow hues, representing the wide range of emotions found in the Psalms, we were reminded that there is a psalm for nearly every root emotion we experience as humans. Therefore, the Bible, which is applicable and accessible for all, is a perfect place to practice pouring out our heart to Him in prayer.

Recommended Resources

Psalms for Prayer study book, by she reads truth

Praying the Bible, by Donald s. whitney

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