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The Well Women's Conference - September 23 & 24

When was the last time you took a moment to think about the Creator and Maker of the universe, the Lord over all who painted galaxies and sprinkled stars into the heavens? The same God who carved breathtaking valleys and fashioned intricate snowflakes. The architect of the Cascade Mountains and inventor of the apple tree. The one who breathed life into every living thing that He has made. The mountains are His. The seas are His. We are His.

From the testimonies of 7 ladies, we learned together about the heart posture that we as women must take, in order to navigate every challenge and trial that comes our way. Anxiety? Grief? Loneliness? Suffering? Temptation? Our creator God has made a way for us to walk through these trials, and surprisingly, the way through may be simpler than you think.

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Recommended Resource

In His Image, Jen Wilkin

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Winter At The Well - December 5

This beautiful December evening together was a tangible reminder of the wonderful truth that we have been given the best gift; Emmanuel—God with us. Terrie Cranwell, dear friend, momma and mentor, was our featured speaker for the evening. She graciously shared her story of extreme loss wrapped in beautiful hope because of the truth that God is with us.

Recommended Resource

A Grace Disguised: How The Soul Grows Through Loss, Jerry Sittser

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Spring At The Well - March 13

What is the secret to navigating each season of life a woman finds herself in? Married, single, mothers, even a woman in her golden years...each one must navigate their unique season with grace and grit. And the Bible is clear how we should do this! Our evening was a night of insight and wisdom from our panel of women, each walking in a different season of life. Karis McPherson, Jenny Smith, Khiree Appel, and Linny Jones shared helpful insights and encouraging stories to help us in our walk with every season.

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In the meantime, check out this helpful recap from Tarah.

Recommended Resource

Learning Contentment, By Nancy Wilson

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Summer at The Well - July 10

What does the Bible have to say about the things we say? Well, it turns out, it’s quite a lot! This summer session at the Well was a fun (pink everywhere!), but thought-provoking evening as we learned 10 things the Bible says about our words. Sharon McPherson, leader of Noble Women here at Grace City, shared stories, encouragement, and helpful teaching for every age.

Recommended Resources

(For All) The Power of Words, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

(For Mommas) Giving Your Words, By Sally & Clay Clarkson