Hometown Easter ROUNDUP

Hometown Easter ROUNDUP

Stories continue pouring in of God's grace, mercy, and kindness. Families healed, addictions broken, brothers who haven't spoken in 30 years reuniting, fathers being forgiven by sons for abandoning them when they were little, entire households being baptized together, all declaring Jesus is their Savior and King. On and on the stories go. Thanks be to God, Jesus Ain't Fair!!

Let's not forget the outlook just days prior...

But the Lord showed up with an Easter morning weather miracle.

Pastor Adam James' Spoken Word


Do you think you're too far gone? Because of all the things you've done, you can't be forgiven or loved? Or have you gone through life thinking that you're not that bad? You've done enough "good" to deserve to go to Heaven? Is your life filled with burdens and pain that is too heavy for you to bear on your own? These are only a few of the testimonies declaring freedom in Christ, praising God for His great grace and mercy, His forgiveness and redeeming love. Get ready to be encouraged and let us again give thanks. 

Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast!

What better way to commence Easter celebrations than with hot biscuits and gravy under a bright sun and blue sky? The anticipation was palpable as families and friends gathered to hear the Good News preached, see lives being changed, and participate in a fair like no other.


87 people stepped into the tubs (which were HEATED—huge shout out to Andrew Vickery and Blue Lagoon Pool & Spa!) to publicly declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

The Fair Activities!

What all does a Jesus Fair include?? A petting farm with the most pet-able kinds of animals, a pavilion-full of inflatable bouncy houses, Easter Egg hunts, relay races, Twin T's amazing ice cream treats, live bluegrass music from Dysfunction Junction, the coolest rigs in town for Touch-a-Truck, a photo booth, face painting station, hayride tour, fresh kettle corn, and hot dogs for days... The best kind of fun around!

Got a little spicy 🌶 at the Photo Booth...

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Your Easter Stories

We'd love to hear your story from Hometown Easter 2022. Simply email us to tell us what God is doing in your family or just a fun takeaway from the day!
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