ACTS: How To Be A Jesus-Filled Church

Church Family,

For 2000 years, the Church of Jesus Christ has been an indomitable force for good in a world full of bad.

The book of Acts is the story of the birth of the Church. We, as a church, are going to dive in to where it all started.

It would be impossible to calculate and quantify the impact on the world this story has made. And the story still continues to this day…and better yet, you’re in it!

But the book of Acts is also personally meaningful to me because it was among one of the first books of the Bible we studied as a church when we were just getting started.

And man, did we look different back then.

Grace Covenant Church.

No Grace Kids.


No Anchored.

No Vector.

No Little Starts.

No Every Good Path.

No Stronger Men.

No Stronger Man Nation.

No Well or Flourish.

No Grace City Publishing.

No WE Conference.

No Battle Ready or Kneel Conference.

No Life-Trac University.

No “No Town Like Hometown” initiatives.

No home.

But. God.

God used that book of the Bible to give 100+ people, gathered in a rented facility with no money or resources, a vision for what could happen if we surrender our lives to Jesus.

Quite literally, the book that tells the story of the birth of the Church birthed Grace City Church.

Since then, we’ve baptized hundreds of new believers, given away over a million dollars directly to our community, leveraged millions more to build a home we regularly share with our valley, helped plant and fund multiple churches, launched countless ministry initiatives, and seen Jesus flat-out change thousands upon thousands of people’s lives…

…all because a few dozen people said, “All in, one name” in response to God’s work in the book of Acts.

Which is why I’m so excited to preach through this book again. What will God to this time?!

That’s the kind of anticipation I am bringing to this series. I could not be more excited.

So there you have it.

Verse by verse, through the second longest book in the New Testament.

It's about to get real.

Pastor Josh
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