A Christmas Text to the Men

A Christmas Text to the Men

Sent by Pastor Josh
One of our jobs as Stronger Men is to make life magical for those around us. To inspire awe, spark curiosity, and stir wonder. Never is that more true than at Christmas. Last week I sent one of my group of dads a text encouraging them to this very thing. I thought I'd share it with all of you here. 

Men, praying for each of you as we go into Christmas. An incredible opportunity to be present with our families, to make memories, and to get some rest ourselves.

I know we’re all going in hot and crispy, but I’m planning on shutting it down for the week between Christmas and New Years to rest, read, relax, and enjoy my family. Maybe connect with some of you and your boys.

You know, LIVE.

Eat good food.

Get outside and enjoy the beauty of our valley.

Have meaningful conversations with my children.

Laugh a lot.

Lose my phone.

Read something.

Shoot something.

Hike something.

Build something.

Plan something.

Write in my journal.

Dream about all God might do in 2023 that I might get to be a small part of.

Sure stuff will come up, and I’ll have to deal with it. But I’ve got a plan to take advantage of and enjoy every moment I can.

I hope you do too.

Random note, I know. Just don’t want the enemy to rob us of these moments with our families, especially in this season, with all the “stuff” going on “out there.”

Remember, almost nothing we spend time scrolling on the internet or reading in the news will be half as valuable as being present with our families.

Really, the only thing standing between our families and an amazing Christmas is our decisions, our leadership, our attitudes. We hold the key to setting the tone for our households.

I’ll be praying you’re able to make this year the best Christmas yet. That’s our job as dads. And we can do it. With God’s help.

Hope to see you all as the opportunity arises. Church was awesome last weekend. Baptizing new believers will never get old. And their stories are ridiculously amazing.

Christmas Eve Eve service will be fun. Sharon and I might even sing something. Would love to wish you Merry Christmas on eve eve.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to, men. Being God’s sons is pretty amazing.

Grateful for you all.

It’s good to be alive and following Jesus into 2023.