A Tuesday Night Baptism At Grace City | Austin's Story

A Tuesday Night Baptism At Grace City | Austin's Story

Do you remember what you were doing Tuesday, October 18th 2022 from 7pm to 8pm? Seriously, try to remember exactly where you were, what you were eating, which app you were scrolling through on your phone, or what show you were watching on TV. That's a tall order for most of us, right? Tuesdays tend not to be eventful let alone memorable or impactful.

Those who attended this week's Young Adults gathering, however, could tell you exactly what they were doing at that time. They were learning about the grace and peace of the Lord through Leviticus. And they were celebrating.  

Like all truly good news worth celebrating, this story is the Lord's...and it's Austin's story.

That First Stitch

Austin showed up to The Stitch for the first time this spring. That night, after hearing the gospel preached, he gave his life to Christ in a small group that he'd joined.

Afterward, we gave Austin a Bible and he told us, "I was at home trying to decide between a 12-pack of beer or coming to this church thing that my friend invited me to."

Next Steps

Since then, Austin has made the huge decision to join the Marines. Before he leaves for basic, he wanted to be baptized and let everyone know that Jesus is the Lord of his life.

How is Jesus changing this young man's life?

"He is helping change my outlook on life and how I respond to certain situations. He's helped me get rid of a lot of negative habits of mine and certain people. He's given me clarity and opened new paths."

What does it feel like to be forgiven by the Lord?

"I feel so much cleaner and lighter and like I can actually breathe for once without a huge weight on my chest."

Let's be praying for more of this!

Austin came to Grace City Church for the first time this spring. Invited by a friend to try The Stitch on a Tuesday night. He chose to accept that invitation over starting in on another 12-pack. He heard the Gospel proclaimed—another invitation. And he accepted!

This is a young man with a rough background. A runaway from a tough home. A young man who lost three friends to suicide, two to drugs, and one to cancer in the last five years. He knows the kind of pain that binds. He knows what it's like to try drinking it away. And, as of Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, Austin has publicly declared that he...is...free! A new creation in Christ! Let the Church rejoice.

The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 

Please join us in praying for Austin as he leaves to join his fellow Marines, for Pastor Kyle McMullen and the Young Adults ministry at Grace City Church, and all those who would have the courage to simply (and profoundly) extend an invitation that the Lord could use to change a life forever.
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