Mr. Kissel Goes to Orondo Community Church

Mr. Kissel Goes to Orondo Community Church

Three men standing in front of Orondo Community Church
"I had the opportunity today to go out to Orondo Community Church and help them with a security consultation. Hayden McCall (on the left) works for Washington State Patrol and reached out to me a few months back. While Orondo Community Church is his home church—where his family attends and serves—he’s also been attending Grace City since 2017 (notice the SMN hat!). Hayden and his wife attend Thursday Night service at Grace City then Sunday services in Orondo. Hayden is putting new security measures in place and asked if I’d be willing to give some input. I gladly accepted! I met with him and pastor Billy Saul (in the middle). We walked through various scenarios, and I provided them with input on how to prepare and respond. I absolutely LOVE being able to help other churches in this capacity!"

—Justin Kissel, Head of Security

 This isn't Justin's first time providing a security consultation for another local church...he runs hard at Grace City and out in the community. Check out another Mr. Kissel report HERE.

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