Jesus is Revival

Jesus Is Revival | Easter 2023


Our Easter in Wenatchee—JESUS IS REVIVAL— celebration turned out to be just that. REVIVAL!

Two years (nearly to the day!) from rolling out the Atrium vision to our church family, we kicked off Easter weekend with a memorable ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday night.

What followed were 4 Easter services, 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, of straight-up worship and celebration! The good news was proclaimed that Jesus is revival...and HE PROVED IT! Chains were breaking, dry bones were shaking, and eyes were opening as the Lord moved and we baptized 123 people—more in this one weekend than we baptized all of last year.

Thank you, Grace City Church Family, for your steadfast love and faithfulness, your generosity, your efforts to reach the lost in Jesus' name, and your prayers, which availeth much.

Can these dry bones live? You know, Lord.

"To all who come to this happy place..."

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Grace City is built on the foundation of Jesus and dedicated to the work of helping more people meet, love, and follow Him. May God give us strength to build strong men, noble women, and thriving families. May God grant us the privilege of inspiring creativity, generosity, and Kingdom-sized dreams in others. And may we never forget that it all started with a 16-year-old kid, a broken leg, and a courageous “Yes!” to God’s holy call.

To the many who have prayed, worked, given, and served, thank you. To the tired, the hopeless, the guilt-ridden and broken; to the doubters, the outcasts, the shame-filled and the laid low; to the dry bones and weary hearts, may all who walk through these doors find family, friendship, hope, and, ultimately—in the person Jesus Christ—a place they can call home.”

Pastor Josh
Phase 3 Atrium Ribbon-Cutting

The Spoken Word & Worship

Each service kicked off with a MEMORABLE spoken word performance by Pastor Adam and the Grace City Worship Team. You can watch the intro below and access the complete Easter 2023 Sing List HERE any time.

JESUS IS REVIVAL | Easter Sermon

Pastor Josh brought a prophetic word for our troubled culture from the obscure book of Ezekiel.

In a vivid vision of the state of Israel, God leads His prophet Ezekiel to a desolate valley full of dry human bones. This is Israel. She has lost her national identity and abandoned faith in God. She is mired in corruption, sexual perversion, and moral decay. Her soul is dead.

Looking out over so much death and carnage, God asks the central question of humanity, “Can these dry bones live?”

The answer changes everything.

God moved powerfully in the hearts of all who heard His answer thunder from Heaven on Easter Sunday, 2023, and we pray He would do the same for you as you listen to this sermon and hear Heaven’s prophet—the risen Christ—declare over your life, “Dry bones…Live!”


The SUNDAY Recap

One-Hundred Twenty-Three

We baptized 80 people at our Easter 2022—Jesus Ain't Fair—celebration at the Chelan County Fairgrounds! Eighty!! And we baptized a 115 in all of 2022, the most in any year of our church. This year, we all told our community that Jesus is revival and He showed up to prove it. We baptized 123 people this Easter!

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