Introduction to Be Fruitful

Message From Pastor Josh

Grace City, 

We turn 15 this year! To celebrate, we are launching our most wild and crazy, bold and audacious, dream-big, all-in, Kingdom-accelerating initiative in the history of our church

The last 15 years have been busy. Like the pioneers of old, we've pushed our way over the dangerous trail. We've survived roving bandits, scurvy, hard winters, broken wheels, Indian attacks, snake bites, wrong turns, mountain passes, thieving merchants, and more. We've fixed broken wheels, weathered storms, gone without food, and still we've pressed on.

And finally, we arrived. We found our fertile valley. We found a place to build our home.

For the past 15 years, I've used that pioneer language with you. I wanted us to stay in that hungry, gritty, pioneering mindset. And we have. And here we are.
This fall marks a shift in our focus—a watershed moment in the life of our church.

Not that we stop being hungry, gritty, or pioneering, but now we add to our pioneer mindset the settler mindset. We're still pioneers at heart, but now we shift that energy from driving over mountain passes to pushing up crops and homes and roads and stores and putting down roots.  Now we begin the work of homesteading.

And here is where the vision gets exciting. I will bring a specific focus to our homesteading efforts, and that focus can be summed up in one word...FAMILY. We want to focus the resources of our time, money, and energy pouring ourselves into the health of the family.

Moms. Dads. Kids. Families.


We want to build a place where families are valued, protected, encouraged, and equipped.

We want to build a place teeming with life and love, where the biblical values of family can be tangibly felt and experienced.

In other words, our vision could be summed up in this audacious statement...We want to get to work turning the “apple capital of the world” into the Family Capital of the World.  

What if people began moving here from all over the world (more than already have) not only because of the physical beauty of our valley but because of the spiritual beauty of our valley?

What if word began to spread..."You want to raise a strong family? Well then, you want to move to Wenatchee and plug into Grace City Church. That is a place where families and generations thrive."

This is the vision I will unpack this fall…a vision to build a comprehensive ecosystem for husbands, wives, children, and families to thrive. In the context of a multi-generational community. Everyone contributing to the health of the other.

This vision has been 3 years in the making, stewing in my mind and heart. But in reality, it's a vision that's been burning in God's heart since he spoke those first two words to humanity: "BE FRUITFUL..."

I will kick off this 8-week adventure with a series of sermons unpacking, week-by-week, new and major initiatives we intend to start for the sake of the family. I will lay out a compelling future for the next phase of Kingdom Homesteading as a church family.

And make no mistake, it will take all of us leaning into the plow to see this vision come about.

So make plans to join us, this fall, for our 4th Kingdom Initiative, BE FRUITFUL. September and October will be full of fun events for the whole family.

Be here for weekly services and be sure to get connected to House News and our app for updates, as there is much more information to come.


Pastor Josh

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